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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Option A or option B?

I've been concentrating a lot on articles over the past couple of weeks, so I've not been writing so many short stories. I always find myself pushed and pulled between the different disciplines I write in. If I'm writing short stories I'll have several article ideas pop into my head. If I'm writing articles, all I want to do is get down on paper the short stories I have whizzing round my brain. Or I'll  have a good piece of dialogue appear from out of the ether  that I think would be good for a certain scene in chapter four of my novel. So much to write but so little time. But I think that even if I had all the time in the world to write, I still wouldn't get down on paper everything I'd like to.

I was chuffed to see an article of mine in the May issue of Writers' Forum about giving author talks and it reminded me just how far I've come since my pen first made contact with paper. Seeing that article in print gave me the kick I needed to pitch more articles and get those pitches accepted. It also, for some reason I have yet to fathom out, make a complete story pop into my head this evening (while I was in the bath. Why am I always in the bath when these story ideas come to me?) So, whilst watching the wonderful Brian Cox I have typed it and will edit it next week. I love it when I receive inspiration for stories like that. I just have to get them down on paper. Will it sell? Who knows? But I'll give it a good go!

I've nothing to report on the short story front. I've got fifteen out there doing the rounds so I'm hoping for an acceptance somewhere along the line. If not, I have more stories in the pipeline to get ready to send out when the rejections come. One in one out  -  that's my philosophy.

Happy writing

Julie xx


Simon Whaley said...

In the bath, or on the loo, most ideas seem to be connected with water somehow!

Elizabeth McKay said...

Hi Julie, I picked up a copy of WF at the weekend. Well done on your article, it was great. I love it when a story just parks itself inside your head - I just wish it happened more often. Fifteen stories 'out there' is really impressive. Good luck with them.

Suzanne Jones said...

Congratulations on the article, Julie.

Am very impressed that you have 15 stories circulating. Keeping fingers crossed for each and every one.