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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Don't worry about it.

It's a funny old thing worry. Funny, as it rarely serves any purpose other than to make you feel bad. Now there are occasions where I could be a serious contender to represent the UK in worrying at the 2012 Olympics. I'd probably get a gold medal. I have to stop myself sometimes and think about just what I'm worrying about. I discovered that a lot of it is trivia, something that I can't do a lot about. It's out of my hands. I've been wondering why people, including myself, worry about things they have no control over. What's the point in worrying about something you can't change? Will the outcome be any different if you worry about it? Probably not. All that will happen is whatever you were worrying about either happens or it doesn't and you wind up with a headache through all that worrying!

Fretting is so draining too. It can become all consuming if you let it. It takes over everything, seeping into all the cracks of your life. So much so that you become worried about all the worrying you're worried about worrying about! Aye, aye, aye.

I worry about my writing. I love writing but I'm never quite satisfied that I've done enough. I can always do more. That moment before I press the 'send' button to e-mail my work to whichever editor it's destined for is fraught with 'is it okay? Did I get the grammar and the spelling right? Did I get the tone and style of it right?  But the moment I send the piece is also full of excitement and anticipation. I'm filled with a real sense of achievement and full of longing to move on to the next piece. It's a great feeling seeing my writing in print but that feeling of elation is soon chased by the fear that I won't be able to write something publishable again which can lead to writing inertia and that's not good!

So my advice today is to stop worrying. As soon as that pesky worry thought enters your brain, acknowledge it but then let it go. Imagine it's a balloon and watch it drift away. Just get on with the joy of writing and your creativity will flow better. Leave the worrying to someone else. Worrying won't get you published (unless it's a book about worrying, of course,) but writing will. I declare today a worry free day!

Oh and happy mothers day. I never forget what a privilege it is to be a mum. Give a thought to those out there who, for whatever reason, are unable to have children, and think about those who have lost their mum. Be thankful for what you have and who you are.

On the writing front it's been rather an exciting week. A lovely photographer from the local paper came to my house to take photos of myself and a few other Wrekin Writer members for a piece I'd written about us and I've also done another two pieces for them on different local groups with another one I've yet to write. I also had two article ideas accepted by the same magazine and so I'm busy writing those too (Thanks to all my lovely fellow bloggers, writers and face bookers who helped me out with those!)

Yesterday I had two short stories come to me, fully formed. This doesn't happen often so I typed them up sharpish before the mood left me! So yesterday I wrote 3,300 words worth of short stories. I had been feeling a little frustrated about my short story progress (worry rears its ugly head again)  but that was blown out of the water yesterday! It's great what focus and a bloody-minded determination can do for your creativity  - I will get them there stories written!

Today, I will be editing a couple of short stories from I wrote a few weeks back, and the second draft of an article, so I can get them subbed next week.

Happy writing!

Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

Hi Julie,

Sorry to hear about your constant worrying but glad that you are fighting back. xx

suzy doodling said...

Sounds like you've been busy Julie, I'm in a reading mood at the moment. Nice words about Mother's Day as well.

Julie P said...

I'm just glad the inspiration is there, Suzy - strike while the iron is hot as they say!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Carole Anne

It just struck me, the other night when I was lying in bed, how futile worrying is - especialy over the little things!

Julie xx

Jarmara Falconer said...

Hey, I think you can stop worrying about your writing if you are having work accepted. I still can't get People's Friend to love my stories enough to published them then I had Fiction Feast reject both stories I sent them. Woe is me:-( Never mind I hope to have good news soon, one has to keep on believing in ones self if others don't.
Good Luck, Julie

Simon Whaley said...

What a lovely comment about it being a privilege to be a mother.

Hope you had a great Mother's Day.

Diane Perry said...

A wonderful and postive post Julie, I have been worrying a lot lately and mostly about things I can change. It's great to catch up on your blogs after 2 weeks without the internet. Happy writing to you too! Di xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Jarmara

Commiserations about People's Friend and Take A Break. I've never got anything in those either so you're not alone! I gave up People's Friend a long time ago, but will be giving them another go soon.

Yup, if you don't believe in yourself and if you don't keep writing you'll never know if you would have been published enough.

Good luck - I have everything crossed for you!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Simon

It is a priviledge - a lot of people think that being a mother is a right but it isn't! Our children aren't our children for long - they soon grow up and have their own lives. It's the best job in the world - but very stressful! I was lucky enough to be able to have a child. I really feel for those who are struggling.

I had a great Mother's Day thanks. Suitable pampered!
Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Di!

I think we worry about things we can change because we are afraid of the process of change and whether we are capable of executing that change. We are afraid to make that leap of faith. We are creatures of habit and although change is good for us it's also scary!

Good to see you back in t'internet!

Julie xx

Bluestocking Mum said...

Oh Julie, great sympathies. My hubby always says I'm not happy unless I'm worrying.

I've always been plagued by fretting/worrying.

Your blog sounds really positive. But you do realise my friend, we can't change the way we are? It's our makeup. And I think worrying about our writing goes with the territory.

And interestingly, my youngest has developed my worrying tendencies whereas my eldest is the complete opposite and couldn't care less what people think/whether he'll be late/whether he'll achieve etc.

You keep going and get them there stories done!

Best of luck

warm wishes

Julie P said...

Hi Debbie

Yes, I think some people are born worriers but I think it's something we can always do something about - a part from, perhaps, worrying about the writing! I haven't yet worked out a way to stop worrying if I'm going to get another sale. But if that's all I have to worry about then I think I'm doing okay. There's a lot more important stuff out there to worry about!

Julie xx