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Friday, 20 May 2011

Happy days

I am over the moon today for these reasons:

1. I sold another short story to the Weekly News. It's even more of a sweet feeling as it's a story that was previously rejected by another magazine. It's definitely worth sending rejected stories out again to other markets.

2. I spent a wonderful afternoon with a writing friend, chatting about writing and putting the world to right over tea and biscuits. This really inspired me and got me motivated.

3. It's my writing group meeting tomorrow  -  another chance to mix with like-minded (ie, mad people) and fill my motivation tanks up.

4. I've got four more short stories to work on and get out there.

5. I have 17 short stories out there currently waiting for a yay or nay - I've never achieved that before so that's progress.

Hope everyone else writing's going well. Get inspired - get it written- get it out there!

Julie xx


Bernadette said...

Well done Julie!

Perseverance is definitely the key.

suzy doodling said...

Congratulations Julie,
I'm glad to hear that Weekly News accepted your story. Sometimes, I file a story away when it's been rejected, not having the courage to send out anywhere else. You've given me hope to keep trying. Thanks.

Julie P said...

Thanks, Bernadette.

It certainly is!
Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Suzy.

Thank you! I used to file my 'rejects' too but this is the second previously rejected story I've resubmitted to a different magazine and had it accepted, so I'd say go for it!

Julie xx

Diane Fordham said...

Congrats Julie. I once got rejected by a magazine and resubmitted it some time later and the same magazine accepted it. So there you go, weird and wonderful things in our world of writing do happen! Happy writing...

Julie P said...

You never know what might happen in this crazy world of writing, Diane! Welcome aboard!

Good luck

Julie xx

Anonymous said...

Well done, Julie. You're writing for England by the looks of things.

Hope all is well with you and your writing. You were kind enough to give me some advice about payment for a story in that's life! Fast Fiction last year. I did eventually get paid although it took some time. As a fellow writer of that's life fast Fiction I was wondering if you could offer me some more advice. I've been lucky enough to have them contact me over buying another one of my stories. I'm really delighted. The only thing is this time round they want me to sign a Contributors Agreement which appears to give them 'all rights' . I've still been asked to put the standard notes on the invoice re: assigning copyright for 90 days only for one use in Australia and one use in New Zealand. I'm confused about this. Do you normally have to fill in a writers licence (contributors form)? Any advice would be most appreciated.

All good wishes


Anonymous said...


Just read the notes/comments about resubmitting stories and not liking to send rejected stories out again. For the record I've sold three stories this year that did the rounds of our many magazines over sixteen years ago and were rejected. Each one was snapped up first time out almost two decades later! Moral of story - don't give up on a story you think has got promise!

Julie P said...

Well done Anon! Just shows the worth in resubbing old stories that were previously rejected.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Kath

Glad you got the payment issue sorted out. As for the contract thing, I'm not sure on that one. I've never been asked to sign one and without knowing the full details (small print) it would be difficult to comment on. Has anyone else been asked tto sign a similiar contract and can help Kath out?

I'd be wary of and reluctant to sign such a thing personally, but it would depend on what was in the contract. If it prevents you from re-selling the story in any format in a different country ever, then I wouldn't sign it. But if it just gives you certain, temporary conditions, ie, it can't be published elsewhere within, say, 6 months or something then I could probably live with that. It must be a fairly new thing that they have brought in. Might be an idea to try WOMAG'S blog as she has more specialist knowledge and experience in this field.

Julie xx