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Thursday, 9 June 2011

I is for ......... Imagination and Ingenuity

We're an imaginative lot we writers aren't we? It never ceases to amaze me when an idea pops into my head, seemingly out of thin air. I mean where do our ideas come from? I think it comes down to being extra observant (or nosy!) We notice things other people miss. We see stories where other people don't. I know that there is a story in everything, in every experience, in every encounter, if we look hard enough. The world is abuzz with untold stories and it's up to we writers to tap into them and get those stories honed and polished and out to editors/agents/publishers.

It's all very well having the imagination to do all this, but sometimes this alone is not enough. What we need is ingenuity: a bit of gumption, a play on words, a twist in the tale. Our initial idea might not actually be the best story there so it pays to use the old grey matter to consider our options - find the best story we have.

Some stories flow out of us as though they are coursing down the river. Some need a little gentle teasing to be coaxed out of their hiding place. But other stories need to be chased over moor and hill a be wrestled to the floor before they'll give you their tale. What you do with that idea when it comes is up to you.

Use your writing as a good excuse to lie down and imagine and then imagine some more and use your gumption to come up with the story you know you're capable of writing.

Happy writing!

Julie xx


Kate said...

I think being open and receptive has a lot to do with it. It's very easy to close the door on that little spark, but writers, I think, have learned to let it in and suffer the consequences.

Julie P said...

I agree, Kate. I'm forever scribbling snippets down from conversations I've heard, things I've seen, etc. If you don't note it down reasonably quickly it might be gone from your memory for ever! Catch it while you can!

Julie xx

A Wild Imagination said...

Hi, Julie. I was scrolling through blogs on Blogger and found your site. I have a writer's site for novice writers. In reading your posts, I see the insight and wisdom about the craft that you have gained through your professional experience. I'd like to invite you to visit my blog. I'd even like to go so far as asking you to guest blog in the future. I look forward to hearing from you. Fay of www.fay-moore.blogspot.com

Julie P said...

Hi, Fay! And welcome.

Will certainly visit your blog soon and would love to guest blog if able.

Julie xx