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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A is for .......

Ambition: As writers we must want to write and have something to aim for. It's no good writing to be published if we don't fire on all cylinders or set our sights on the right targets. Market research will help us take aim more effectively, but we must also aim a little higher than the highest bar we think we can reach. That's how we stretch ourselves and grow as writers.

Start small and work your way up: a reader letter leads to a small filler - a joke, a tip, an anecdote. A small filler leads to a mini article. A mini article leads to a full length article or a short story. A short story or full article leads to a novel or non-fiction book or even a series of books. The sky really is the limit! Think big and aim high but take it slowly and enjoy the writing/learning process.

For the first 26 days of June (or for however long I remember to do it!) I'll be giving my own A-Z of the qualities/skills I think writers need in order to get published and continue getting published. So do join me and chip in with your own ideas.

Happy writing,

Julie xx

PS I am feeling well chuffed as this month I have sent out more short stories than I ever have in one month before - I've worked hard on these stories and it's taken up a lot of time, but even if they don't get published I've had fun writing and editing them. I've learned that I really can cut a story down from a 1000 words to 700 when I have to!


Frances Garrood said...

A is also for application - the hardest bit of all (ie sitting down and getting down to it)! Good post.

Julie P said...

Absolutely, Frances. You have to sit down and writr in the first place. A is for addiction too - writing is so easy to become addicted to.

Julie xx