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Sunday, 12 June 2011

L is for Look, Listen, Live and Learn

When you're going about your daily business: taking your kids to school, commuting to work, shopping, going to the cinema, whatever you do, how closely do you pay attention to what is going on around you? Do you run around on auto pilot, arriving at your destination without realising how you actually got there? Or do you take it all in? Do you savour each sight, sound, feeling, emotion, aroma and taste? Do you listen in to conversations (discreetly, of course!) Do you watch how people move, interact, speak, look? If you are writer you should do!

It's amazing what you can pick up on in your everyday life, if you just tune into it. I know that it's hard to pay attention to what's going on when your brain's frazzled and you're in a rush, but if you just try and slow down a bit and let the outside world in, it can really inspire you and help your writing come alive on the page - give it some realism that the reader will identify and relate to.

So while you're busy living, don't forget to look and listen and use what you learn for your writing.

Happy writing

Julie xx

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