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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

N is for Nab it while you can, Narrative and going Native

Opportunity. That's what I'm talking about when I say Nab it while you can! Opportunities can be: Inspiration - seek it whenever and wherever you can and you shall find it. And don't forget to write it down as soon as you get it or you will forget it!
Writing time - never, ever, ever, miss an opportunity to write. If you have some time floating about, bag it and get on with it.
New Markets - always be on the look out for other writing outlets. There is always a new opportunity somewhere!
Rejection - Turn it into a re marketing opportunity. How can you edit your rejected piece to fit another market?

Opportunity should never be wasted. We all have choices to make in life as to how we spend our day and if you struggle for writing time or to be published then it may be helpful to rejig your time and commitments so that you can free up more time for your writing. Impossible! I hear you cry. But if you want to be a published writer you might have to!

Narrative. What's your story? Where do you want to take your reader to in your story? Is there a big difference in the destination where you have envisaged your reader to end up and where they actually end up? Sometimes, the narrative we have in our head as a writer doesn't translate to paper very well and when we read what we have written back to ourselves we can't see what the problem is. This is because we are too close to our story and we interpret what we have written differently from other readers as our narrative is still playing in our heads as we read what we've written. So we add bits and see bits on the page that aren't there! Think about your narrative and where you want to take the reader. Does your story do on paper what you think it does in your head?

Going Native. When in Rome ..... as they say, do what the Romans do. So if you've set your story in France, Belgium, India - wherever, immerse yourself in that culture (over the Internet will do) so that you know what the Romans, French, Belgium people, Indians do which will give your story some authenticity and believability.

Happy writing

Julie xx


bercton said...

Good advice on Narrative!

Julie P said...

Thanks, bercton!