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Thursday, 16 June 2011

P is for ........ Pull Your Finger Out, Posteria, and Staying Positive

I could do with following my own advice today. I have been rather lazy on the writing front. Other things have got in the way today - it happens sometimes (frequently!) but today has been particularly slow on the writing front. What I really need to do is Pull My Finger Out. The short stories won't magically scribble themselves. And hearing that Helen Hunt has written one new story and edited and subbed a couple of others has put me to shame!

The only way to get any writing done is to Pull Your Finger Out and get on with it! No excuses. If you make the decision not to write, as I have done today, you won't have anything to sub and you will only have yourself to blame. That said, I have suitably chastised myself and will be Pulling My Finger Out tonight.

Bottoms. I have to say mine has become a bit broader since I started writing. It's all that sitting down and writing we writers have to do, you see. It has to take it's toll somewhere and, for me, that somewhere is my posterior. You could call it an occupational hazard. The more time you spend sitting on your posterior, the bigger it gets. And you have to spend a lot of time sitting on your posterior, writing, if you want to be published.

My advice here, is to remember that when your bum is in your chair unless you spend sometime out of your chair, you'll end up with writers' bum. So instead of sitting down on your posterior to write, I implore you to get off your bum, get out there and do some research. Go for a walk, do zumba, tie yourself in knots doing yoga, or whatever else you do to make you sweat ;0) My personal favourite at the moment are exercise DVDs I can do at home. Your bum will thank you for it.

Mmmmm difficult this one, staying positive, when you've had umpteen short stories rejected and no editors will take or accept your article proposals. But staying positive is what you must do! Grin and bear it. If you get down about it you're not helping anyone, let alone yourself. Once you get into that negative spiral, it's very hard to dig yourself out of that mindset. It's so easy to get into the rut where you think it's not worth writing anything because everything you submit gets rejected. But don't fall into that rut in the first place. Keep yourself on the wheel and keep writing and subbing. You will break through eventually.

Happy writing!

Julie xx

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