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Friday, 17 June 2011

Q is for ........ Questions, Queen and queues

A fiction writer, well any writer for that matter needs to ask lots of questions. We are an inquisitive bunch, or should be. It's the only way we can find out what our story, article, novel, play or poem is about. We ask questions as part of our research, when we are interviewing people, and we question our plots, characters, settings and dialogue. If something isn't working in a piece of our writing we can ask questions to get ourselves unstuck. So ask lots of questions  -  it pays in writing to be nosy!

Queen! No, I don't mean The Queen, or Queen the rock band. I am referring to The Queen of Short Story writing in women's magazines. Actually, there are several of them: Teresa Ashby and  Della Galton to mention just two of them. They have their short stories in the Women's magazines time after time after time.  Now, it can be disheartening to see the same names in the women's magazines all the time. But I think it's encouraging. They had to start from nowhere, just like you and me. And it's only through hard work, determination and talent that they have such a high publication rate. We can learn a lot from them. Keep writing and subbing and you will get there, if you are prepared to work hard and learn the craft. Remember even they get rejections so don't be put off!

Queues - we spend a lot of our time standing in them and waiting. It's the same when you're standing in the waiting for a verdict from an editor queue too. It's frustrating but necessary! There's no way round it - you have to wait, sometimes for several months. But remember, good things come to those who wait!

Happy writing

Julie xx

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