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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sense and sensibility

We writers tend to be sensitive little souls. The slightest thing can send us out of kilter and we either stomp around sulking or retreat into ourselves to brood. There are many reasons why our writing might not go the way we planned: someone else got a similar pitch to ours into a magazine first, we open the pages of a magazine to see a short story similar in theme to the one we've just submitted, we've received our third rejection in one day. It's so easy to become despondent and let that negativity eat away at us, rendering us unable to write another word. But where is the sense in that? What good does it do us or our potential commissions?

A critic might say what you feel are harsh words about your latest book, or you might get a less than flattering letter from a reader published in a magazine about an article that was published of yours. The world is full of bitterness and cynics and people who think they could do better than you if they only had the time. It's also hard to see articles or short stories you could have written published in magazines by someone else. But instead of letting it get to you and stop you from functioning, I'd advise you to let it go and move on. There's no point in doing a post mortem or grieving for your loss. Vowing to get there quicker next time or to write a better article or more original short story next time is better therapy.

At least, if the magazine has published an article written by another author that you also had thought of, you know you are on the right track! As my late father- in- law used to say, "'Don't let the Bu****s grind you down!"'


Diane Fordham said...

Hey Julie, you would not believe how timely your post is for me. Yesterday I blogged about all the rejections I was receiving, lol. Thank you x

Julie P said...

Hi, Diane

It's not nice when the rejections come flooding in isn't it, Diane! But we must keep writing! Someone was saying they'd had something like six stories rejected by TAB on one day followed by two stories the next day rejected by the same mag - was is you? I can't remember who it was now - but that takes some getting over!!

Julie xx

Frances Garrood said...

It's bad with short stories, but it's even worse with novels...

Diane Fordham said...

Hey again Julie - I had seven short stories rejected by Norah from TAB/Fiction Feast, one novel manuscript rejected by an agent (Frances is right about that feeling worse), one short story rejected by Woman's World - all in this past week! Not a good week. Mmmm maybe next week I can smile about some acceptances... here's hoping :-)

Julie P said...

Hi Frances, I haven't tried submitting a novel yet so I'll take your word for it! I'm not looking forward to trying to get a novel published, LOL! Half the time one wonders if it's worth bothering. Why oh why do we put ourselves through it?

Julie xx

Julie P said...

That's a huge, bitter pill to swallow, Diane! It's scary - but I know you are made of strong stuff, chuck. Up and at 'em, gal! ;0)Sending out seven stories and a novel, even though they were declined is an achievement in itself - I take my hat off to you.

I'm still hoping we can be page fellows in the women's mags with our short stories!

I'm about due verdicts on three or four of my short stories soon - will let you know how I get on!

Better luck next time.

Julie xx