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Monday, 20 June 2011

Tantrums, Twists and Technology

Toddler tantrums can be scary - the full force of a tantruming toddler is hard to contain but if you're still having tantrums in adulthood - it's not a good look! But with the frustrations and endless waiting, the no thank yous, the maybes that turn into no thank yous after a long, long period of waiting, you would be forgiven for throwing your dummy out of the pram! This writing lark would try the patience of a saint!

But instead of throwing your rejected manuscript on the floor and then stamping on it before throwing yourself on top of it, beating the floor with your fists and screaming like a banshee (or is that just me who does that? ;0)  )  That smiley looks like it's got a double chin! Anyway where was I? Oh yes, before you regress to your child hood and let rip, use that energy in a more constructive and positive way and harness it to improve your writing so that you get a hit next time. There's nothing sweeter than having a previously rejected piece of work accepted by another editor!

Twists. They are brilliant if done well, but a bit of a turkey if mishandled. The twist should not be contrived or come out of thin air. There must be subtle clues left for the reader throughout the story. This is not an easy thing to achieve and I take my hat off to those writers who not only manage to to it but do it well. But practice makes perfect! So practice we will!

I often wonder what it was like for writers pre- type writers and computers. We don't know we are born today with all the marvellous time and effort saving devices we modern day writers have at our disposal. I can't imagine peering through candle light over a table with a quill and paper in my hand. What happened if you made a mistake? No delete button or tippex then! So embrace what the world of technology has to offer you and recognise and respect the really hard work those early writers had to do!

Happy writing

Julie xx


Diane Fordham said...

Enjoyed the post, thanks Julie. Can identify with all the waiting etc. Funny enough started questioning myself the other day - had been a long time in between acceptances. Then I got that email, which brought back my smile. As a matter of interest, the story I sent got accepted on the third time I sent it to the same publisher. The moral of this post; if you believe in your story, don't give up on it!

Julie P said...

Thanks, Diane.

It's strange how acceptances and rejections seem to come in fits and starts isn't it. You an hear othing for months and then all of a sudden you get something accepted and then a couple or three rejections in the space of a few days!

That's great news about your story, and proof that you have to keep going!

Julie xx