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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

V is for ............ Versatility and verility

In the current economic climate, where magazines are going under and everyone's feeling the financial squeeze, writers must adapt to these restrictions and make like a waffle and be 'waffley' versatile (do you remember that advert?!)  Expanding your writing repertoire might be the difference between publication and rejection and the only thing that stops your writing business from going under.

When you're feeling a little low about the state of the publishing world in general due to the cuts then remember this: the world will always need writers and why shouldn't you be one of those who makes it through this troubling period? All you need to do is look for markets you haven't considered before and keep pitching. Magazines will always need content, and it can't always be written in-house. You have unique skills and experiences that the in-house writer might not have, making you the ideal person to pitch and write that article. Your short story will be unique because you are. So get it written and get it sent out there. As a fellow Wrekin Writer said to me today when I whinged to him: he said the only way you'll know if your writing or idea appeals to an editor is to pitch it to them - simples really when you think about it! Thank you.

Virility, no I'm not referring to you know what, how's yer father here. I'm asking you to consider how virile is your writing? Does it make editors stand to attention and take notice? Or does it leave them feeling deflated? To keep your writing fresh and relevant and enticing to editors you have to breathe new life into it. It goes hand in hand with versatility. If you can't adapt and keep going with your writing, you may find yourself the victim of the survival of the fittest theory. So keep adapting and keep your writing up!

Happy writing

Julie xx

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