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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Worry re: Take A Break Mag

Has anyone else noticed the distinct lack of fiction in the new look Take A Break mag? Have we lost another market? I didn't see anything anywhere saying they were cutting it? Or is this a one off?


Julie xx


Kate said...

The magazine market can be terribly fickle can't it. Many fold quite fast and vanish without a trace. It's very easy to lose track.

Bev Morley said...

Morning Julie,

I can't say I've noticed the demise of Take a Break's short stories, but I have just had an email from the editor of Yours magazine inviting unsolicited submissions of both articles and short stories.

I will be updating my blog with more info today.

Bev x

Julie P said...

Hi, Kate

I'm not sure if it's true re Take A Break - there have been no announcements as far as I can gather. But someone on Facebook replied to my query about Take A Break saying they thought the magazine had said that they were looking for more 'true-life' celeb stories? But someone else said that Take A Break have missed out the fiction on a couple of issues before but the next week it was back in - so who knows? Watch this space!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Bev

That's encouraging news from Yours! Thank you for sharing
Julie xx

Bev Morley said...

Hello again!

It's perhaps a bit of a Niche market, but "Your Cat" magazine is also accepting submissions.

They only accept readers true stories (up to 900 words, I believe) and they pay £40.

I know about Your Cat because when I opened the post this morning there was a copy of the July edition of Your Cat magazine with the story of one of my cats in it!

Nice to see a glossy by-line!

Bev xx

Julie P said...

Well done, Bev

That's great news! I do know about Cat Magazine as I have cats myself - never tried writing for them though - might have a bash - got plenty of material to choose from with my cats!
Julie xx

Diane Fordham said...

Hi Julie - I think I read about TAB on womag blog this morning. I've been feeling down today with everything I've been reading in regards to the dwindling of the short story market. On the upside it inspired me to write a post on my blog, Saving the Short Story Market. Hopefully things will improve!

Julie P said...

Yes, Diane. A few writers who've been published in TAB have had it confirmed that TAB are dropping their fiction slot in the weekly mag for now.

Julie xx