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Friday, 24 June 2011

X is for .........X-ray vision

I want to be a super hero. Not just so I could dress up in a lovely costume and make believe that I could save the world, it would have a lot more uses than that. If you were a super hero, what special powers would you have? Would you heal the sick? Would you be able to fly? Would you be able to produce and throw fire balls from your hands? For me, I'd have to have X-ray vision and be able to read minds.

Think about it. If you had X-ray vision you could look through editor's walls and see how far along the process your manuscript was. And if you could mind read you could find out exactly what the editor wants and give it to them perfectly presented on a plate! How great would that be? To know exactly what an editor wants to publish - it would save a lot of heartache and solve a lot of problems.

Ahh. But for now, as having these super powers is impossible, we shall just have to rely on our own market research and reading the magazines to see what the editor does publish. It's very hit and miss as we can't ever really know what goes on inside an editor's head - but if the hits outweigh the misses then you're on to a winner!

Mind you, I'd quite like to have the fireball thing going on to  -  it could come in handy if someone annoyed me!

Happy writing

Julie xx

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