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Monday, 4 July 2011

Good days/bad days

Writing is very much like a roller coaster. I'm not a fan of fairground rides such as these as they make me dizzy and nauseous. Writing doesn't make me dizzy and nauseous, but it does tend to go up and down and spin me around. The hard work, the feeling of being unsure, the sending work out, the rejection, more hard work, the feeling of being unsure, the sending more work out, the acceptance ........ and so on and so on. One minute you're on top of the world, the next you're teetering over the edge wondering why you bother to write at all!

It's an unsettling and unsettled business this writing game and not for those who are easily spooked. We all have a good days and we all have our bad days. The trick is to not see your writing life as negative. The downs will come but you have to retrain your brain to view them in a different, more positive light. That way, they won't hurt so much.

It's great when we have lots of acceptances and the trick to coping with rejections, or days when my writing is not going as well as I'd hoped it would, I find, is to just continue writing, even if you think what you are writing is rubbish. It invariably will be. But you can improve on a page full of rubbish. You can't improve on nothing.

I really didn't feel like writing today. I just wasn't in the mood. But I got my laptop out anyway. It wouldn't hurt just to get that out after all - no harm in it. Even though my brain was shrieking, "I don't know what to write about. I don't want to write. It'll be terrible. You'll regret it! Wait until you're in the mood, wait until you get an idea."  I stuck to my guns and just got on with it. And what do you know? I got a 1000 word story out of it. Admittedly, it needs a lot of work doing to it. But I'm 1000 words closer to having a short story subbed and possibly published than I was this morning!

It's worth just giving it a go even when you're adamant it won't do any good! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Happy writing!

PS: Has anyone had anything published or accepted recently  -  we need your good news! It keeps us all going.


Diane Fordham said...

Good posting Julie and well done on getting some writing done. I had your attitude yesterday and pushed myself to continue a story I was drafting that was missing an ending and have to say was happy with the result! Some writers say don't write when you're not in the mood but I'm with you on this one -write anyway, and see where it takes you, because it just may be a good place!

Frances Garrood said...

I do so agree. I think we need a helpline for rejection days.

PS No good news, I'm afraid!

Simon Whaley said...

It's hard work, but you've proved that it's worth the effort. You have 1000 words tonight, that you didn't have this morning.

As for news - I've got a letter in the Bureau of Freelance Photograher's Newsletter this month, and the editor of MacFormat has said he'll use my letter in the forthcoming issue. Oh, and apparently, I'll be in the next issue of Writing Magazine/Writers News ... twice. (sorry) ;-)

HelenMHunt said...

I've got a story in this month's TAB Fiction Feast and an article about writing short stories in the issue of Writing Magazine due out about now! Yes, we all need the good days/good news to keep us going on the bad days ...

Julie P said...

Hi, Diane, and thank you.

I think I'd never get any writing done if I waited to be in the mood for it, LOL! But, luckily, I do seem to have more good than bad days which is a bonus!
Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Frances

I love the idea of a rejection line! It would be a hot line that one!

May you have good news soon xx

Julie P said...

Once I get writing, I amaze myself how many words I can get down on paper in a relatively short space of time, Simon. Granted they might not be the best words in the world, but they're there and can be worked on.

I don't think writers give themselves credit for the words they do manage to write. They tend to focus on what they haven't achieved and not what they have - which is more than they think!

I'm having difficulty commenting on your blog again too. Will try again later.

No-one likes a show off ;0) Just shows what you can achieve when you put your mind to it, though!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Helen

Congratulations on your successes! They're fantastic - it keeps the rest of us going, hearing about successes like these.

Julie xx