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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Anyone Know What's Going on at That's Life, Australian mag?

I've just sent for the current guidelines for fiction submissions to That's Life (Australia). Everything seemed pretty straight forward until I got to the near the bottom of the guidelines and read that they are not accepting e-mail submissions unless they've asked you specifically to submit by e-mail. Now, I've always submitted stories to them by e-mail! Is this a new thing, does anyone know?

It could be one of the reasons why I've had nothing published by them since the last two I had around a year ago. Maybe they automatically reject any subs coming in via email that they haven't asked for? Has anyone subbed to them via e-mail as usual and hasn't been told by them to sub that way and had a story accepted recently?  It's going to cost a ruddy fortune to sub to them if we have to it via snail mail! It will stop me subbing to them at the moment if that's the case.

If you're interested, you can obtain their guidelines from fictionguidelines@pacificmags.com.au
They give an address for subs:

Anthony Lambert
That's Life! Fast Fiction Magazine,
Media City,
8 Central Avenue,
NSW 2015.

It's reminded me, though, always to check the guidelines again just before I sub  - don't rely on 'old' guidelines. This is particularly important when there's been a change of editor! A new broom and sweeping comes to mind!

Let me know your thoughts/experiences

Julie  xx


Martin said...

It doesn't sound very encouraging, does it? Another victim of restructuring, no doubt.

Simon Whaley said...

Perhaps the editor wants fewer UK controbutors and more Australian contributors?

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, I sent a sub in at the beginning of the month and received the usual automated reply.

I'm confused now too.

Jo Styles.

Elizabeth McKay said...

Hi Julie, I haven't sent anything to That's Life for ages (keep meaning to) but I seem to remember the first time I did submit to them there was a similar sentence in their guidelines. I emailed them and explained the difficulties of posting from the UK and asked if I could submit by email. They emailed back saying that was fine. It's worth a try, especially since you've already been published by them.

Bernadette said...

Can't remember where I saw this, Julie, but someone in the blogosphere raised the same issue a few months back and someone else checked and it was still fine to email them from the UK.

So that's what I've continued to do - though admittedly no sales since February!

Julie P said...

It doesn't, Martin. That's why I'm querying it.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

That's what I though, Simon. But then I thought maybe I was just being a little cynical!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Jo

Yes, I get the same automated responses when I send mine in as well, which is why I hadn't worried until I saw the guidelines! I was concerned that as I wasn't actually doing what the guidelines said that maybe my subs were being automaticaly rejected without being read?

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks Elizabeth and Bernadette - that's encouraging, though I think I'll still e-mail them to clarify. Maybe they need to make it clearer on their guidelines re: overseas writers.

Julie xx

Bernadette said...

As a PS, the guidelines on their website still say to email.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

That was a rule an editor had brought in many years ago, but there have been many new fiction editors since then. So don't worry and keep emailing.

Lynne Hackles said...

A friend emailed a story a few weeks ago and got an acceptance within days. I'm sure Anthony Lambert wouldn't want us to post work to him.

Julie P said...

Thanks, anon,

I certainly will!

Julie P said...

Thanks, Lynne - I'll keep e-mailing until someone says stop!

Julie xx Looking forward to meeting you in October, btw.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Just had confirmation: Kat from Bring Back Fiction (Facebook group) e-mailed Anthony Lambert, current fiction editor, says it's okay to e-mail - especially overseas writers. So get pinging!

Julie xx