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Monday, 22 August 2011

Lucky Mascot

When I was doing my exams as a teenager (a long time ago I know), I had a lucky mascot while I was revising. It was a tiny teddy bear that I used to grip in the palm of my hand when I was trying to remember facts and figures, strategies and mathematical formula that I can no longer recall. I suppose most people have something like that. Something that gives us comfort in times of stress. Something we can hold on to, that gives us courage and hope.

It's the same now I'm writing. I have a collection of pebbles that are placed around my writing room. It may sound a bit daft but I feel that just having these stones near me helps to ground and calm me. They are various sizes and shapes and colours - all are beautiful to me. I collect them from beaches that I visit and they remind me of the sea I am obsessed with. I must admit that I don't get to the sea as often as I'd like. Living in the Midlands, probably the furthest away you can be from the sea in mainland Britain, means a good two hour journey at least. This might not sound a long time in the grand scheme of things, but it is when you're locked in a car with a six year old shouting, 'Are we there yet?' every five minutes for the entire journey - talk about a great form of torture!

When I hold the stones I can feel their strength and they remind me that although they are strong, time and the sea have eroded them down to the size they are now. They remind me that they are thousands of years old. Compared to them our human lives seem not so significant!They remind me that all things must change and nothing lasts for ever. On that thought, as a writer and human being, I must change and adapt and roll with the waves, just as the pebbles have before they were beached. Just as we must ride the waves with our writing. It's so easy to be knocked off our writing surf board as the rejection wave comes crashing down upon us. But the best thing to do, I find, is to climb straight back on and ride the next wave. It might be the one to carry you in to shore and writing success. It may be an unsettled time in the economic world, and magazines and other publications are feeling the pinch as much as any other industry - but if we can allow ourselves to go with it, and keep our eyes on where the writing opportunities are, rather than focusing on those we have lost we might do a lot better.

So, my advice for this week is to find your own lucky mascot and get writing. Try, try, try again and I hope you get the writing success that you are working so hard towards.

Happy writing

Julie xx


HC Clarke said...

I already have a mascot. She is my old teddy bear that has been my companion since I was a baby and is actually older than me. Her name is Libby and she sits beside me when I write. When I end up messing around for too long, she tends to fall on me, and she helps to cheer me up when I miss a deadline or don't do well.

I also have my crucifix, which is almost permanently around my neck. I tend to grab at it when upset at work or when thinking for a long time. But I'm not sure if that counts as a mascot as much as religious consolation.

Julie P said...

Awh, HC, Libby sounds wonderful! You're lucky to still have her after all that time. I haven't got any of my childhood toys other than the teething rattle thing I had as a baby.

I think if the cruxifix works for you and gives you solace then it's a wonderful thing. A bit more special than an ordinary mascot.

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

This is a lovely post, Julie.

I also had a teddy when I was studying for exams - a tiny ceramic bear, imaginatively called Tiddly Teddy. Don't know where his is now, sadly.


Julie P said...

I'd have liked to have seen Tiddly Teddy, Suzanne. He sounds rather cute! No, I lost my teddy years ago too - but I do love my pebbles.

Julie xx