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Friday, 26 August 2011

Make the most of it

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll be aware that I've started to write within regular hours. I'd been getting rather lax in the amount of writing I was doing. This was due to a mixture of laziness on my part, a knocked confidence and the summer holidays with a six year old to entertain (there's something to be said about the school term - two weeks to go is all I'm saying ;0)

But, I've turned the corner and I am now working withing irregular - regular hours - if you get my meaning. It will all start to make sense in a moment, I promise. Because my poor husband (he's poor because he has to put up with me and my writing) works shifts that alternate between days and nights, I have to alternate my writing hours to fit in with him and looking after the kiddo.

I'm aiming to write for six hours a day when the poor husband is off, and 4 - 5 hours a day for five days a week when he's on nights or days. This will allow me to get a fair bit of writing and the associated admin (Facebook and blogging) done!

It's working so far. I shut myself up in my office and get writing. editing, emailing and I'm well away. I've achieved a lot more over the past few days then I have all of the summer hols! So I'm happy with that and intend to continue for a month's trial - will keep you posted on how I get on. The poor husband has even risen to the challenge (don't start Whaley!) and has thrown himself into his new role as my secretary by answering the phone to one of my potential interviewees this morning! He knocked on my office door and in the style of Parker from Thunder birds announced that I had a phone call! He's very good, bless him.

Got another short story rejected today, though - boo hiss!It's so going to be sent out again asap! Boomerang short stories - send 'em out, back they come rejected, throw 'em out again is my mantra now  -   If I can take my time, increase my output and send out new and improved stories, who knows what will happen!

Ever the realistic optimist me!

Happy writing

Julie xx

Happy writing


Frances Garrood said...

I really admire this, Julie. It's what I always mean to do, but somehow it never quite works...

Julie P said...

It's not easy, Frances and it's hit and miss for me too, most of the time - life has a habit of getting in the way! But as long as the writing gets done I'm happy.

Julie xx

Little Me said...

I admire this too. I am so bad at setting time to write - I get so distracted by my blog, by facebook and when I research I get distracted within the research. I'm starting to wonder if I will ever get anything done.

Pennie Roberts said...

I write so much - in my head - getting it down on paper is so hard. I just love PG Wodehouse's comment about the urge to water his cacti coming every time he went to sit down at his desk to write. And he had a really high output. His cacti must have been watered to death.
I'm currently working full time and using that as an excuse not to write regularly. But really that's all it is, an excuse. So thanks for the inspiration and keep going.

Julie P said...

Hi, Little Mo

Yes it's very easy to be distracted by research, the TV, blogs, Face book, etc. It happens to me frequentky, but I think the only way to get over that is to be strong and strict with yourself and try and make the time to write, (easier said than done I know) otherwise, as you say, we run the rust of never getting any writing done and that would be a shame.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

I didn't know that about PG Wodehouse, Penny - I should imagine he didn't have many cacti left by the end of it though!

I don't even have the excuse of working full-time, that's the shameful thing! But if I want to write and be published I'm going to have to take some action and make my writing a bigger priority than it already is. I can do without watching too much TV and spending too much time on Facebook, etc if I want to - I'm hoping the quality of my work and the quantity will increase!

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

Does 'Parker' drive you to your interviews in a Pink Rolls Royce? ;-)

Julie P said...

No, he doesn't - but wouldn't that be cool, Simon! I don't think we could manage a Rolls Royce but there's a company that supply Pink Stretch Limos up the road!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

I really must get some glasses - sorry Little Me! I called you Little Mo. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk! It's my age.

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

Hugs for the nasty R, Julie. But well done for turning it around and sending it back out there.

And yay for the writer's assistant hubby. I once read Marion Keyes has her hubby so well trained that all she has to do is shout 'pigs' when she's working, and he instantly brings her a bag of M&S Percy Pigs (a low fat snack, apparently). What a man.