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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

So much writing, so little time.

I really could spend all day writing for months, years maybe, and still not get down to the bottom of my to-do list. I have half finished short stories strewn all over my office, ideas for countless more scribbled everywhere. I have article ideas coming out of my head faster than a rat up a drain pipe and my novels are languishing somewhere in the depths of my cupboard. My office is heaving with creativity. Yet, due to my butterfly mind and indecisiveness, I never quite know what to tackle first. If only I could get organised and stop flitting about so much, I might actually get along a lot further and better with my writing. I'm not doing too badly with getting my articles published but imagine what I could achieve if I was more organised and more blinkered in my approach - no more getting sidetracked! I wonder how many first draft short stories I would get down on paper in a month if I focused?

Time for a bit of re-organisation me thinks. I may be some time.

Happy writing

Julie xx


Diane Fordham said...

Sounds like you got a plan. Now to put that plan into action! 'To Do' lists are good. :-)

Julie P said...

Morning, Diane!

The trouble is I find To-do lists are only good if I follow them - LOL! But they do have a motivating effect. When I look at my white board I can see exactly where I am with all aspects of my writing and I can choose which I want to concentrate on at ano one time - at the moment it's articles again as I've just had a commission from a new market (yay!)

Julie xx

Julie P said...
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Sue Horder-Mason said...

Try allocating your time. 1 hour to short stories, 1 hour to articles etc. I've tried, doesn't work for me but hey you never know....