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Monday, 1 August 2011

Working Party

Writing is said to be a lonely activity. We hide ourselves away, furiously tapping out our WIP, growling at anyone who should dare to interrupt us when we are in mid flow. But we do crave company sometimes (good news for our family and friends!). But what if we could combine our love of being alone, writing, with our need to get out more? Maybe we can. Have you ever thought of forming a working party? Could gathering some like-minded writers together on a regular basis to look at each other's WIP be the way to go for you? I wonder what the technical term for a group of writers is actually called, btw? All suggestions gratefully received!

I started something similar with some writers from my own writing group. It went well to start with and we met in each other's homes and occasionally at a local pub. It seems to have petered out now as we all have conflicting commitments and trying to get everyone who was interested in meeting together at the same time and place was a bit of a nightmare, if I'm honest. But I do miss it. I miss the discussions about writing and the support we all gave each other. It ended up with just two of us meeting, but even that is few and far between now - I'd love to start it all up again, but time and my own writing needs, as well as my family's needs make it difficult.

I also go out for coffee sometimes with two other writing friends. I look forward to that (as well as the scones) as we allow ourselves to talk about writing. It's such a gift. There has to be balance, though, between meeting up with writing friends, going on Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot and getting our own writing done. Tempting as it may be to socialise either virtually or in reality when you're struggling with your writing can spell disaster for your writing, unless you are seeking advice from your friends on your WIP and it doesn't degenerate into something irrelevant.

So do get out and about but don't use it as an excuse not to write and get your WIP finished. You know, deep down inside if you're doing it! You'll feel better if you get your writing done and then socialise - you'll at least have something to talk about then!

Happy writing and I recommend the scones in the Priory Tea shop in Much Wenlock!

Julie xx


Frances Garrood said...

A worry of writers? A wrangle of writers? I give up.

I've just noticed the admirable number of stories you've written this year, Julie. What discipline!

Julie P said...

I like the sound of a worry of writers, Frances - we do tend to do a lot of that don't we!

A winkle of writers? A walnut of writers? Who knows!

I've sort of come to a standstill with the short story writing over the past couple of months, though, what with one thing and another going on in life - but I'm planning on going back to them next week and doing another batch!

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

That's what's nice about Caerleon. You can socialise with other writers, but also work too and chat about writer probems. The problem is, a year ia long wait between get-togethers!

Julie P said...

You'll have to organise a mini-Caerleon for inbetween the main Caerleon, Simon!

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

And I can recommend the scones in Dobbies in Dunfermline, where I meet up with a writing friend :0)

Great post, Julie.


Nari said...

You are so right, Julie - I had forgotten just how much I missed having a writing group until I went to a day-course on Saturday and had a wonderful day writing together and helping each other, and just talking about writing.
It's a shame that your group didn't keep going, as it sounds like it was doing you good.
Good luck with getting back into short stories :)
Nari X

Julie P said...

We have a couple of Dobbies down this neck of the woods, Suzanne - I shall have to try them!
Julie xx

Julie P said...

There's still two of us in the group and we still have a great time, Nari - so it's still doing me and the other group member good. I think it's great for writers to meet up with each other. It helps with confidence and motivation.

It's a shame you can't keep going with the workshop group as you obviously all enjoyed it and found it beneficial.

The short story writing starts tonight!

Julie xx