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Friday, 30 September 2011

Super shorts

No, I'm not referring to the sudden change in the weather bringing people out in their legless trousers, but short stories. I heard the wonderful news over on Bring Back Fiction to Women's Mags on Face book that Women's Weekly are increasing their specials from 10 a year to 12 a year and they've issued updated guidelines - see face book page for details. This is excellent news and to be celebrated!

I have to say that I've been mostly concentrating on articles over the past few weeks, although I did send two short stories I'd had rejected and I'd rejigged off to other magazines, so we'll see what happens. Part of the secret to successful short story writing and getting your publication numbers up seems to be that the more you write the more you improve and the better your chances of publication are. I read somewhere that Della Galton once had something like 90 short stories published in one year  -  and she would have had many more rejected. This gives you some idea of the prolific writing she did to become so successful. So far, with only about three months left to the year, I haven't even written or subbed a quarter of that amount. And it's probably why I've only has a couple published this year, lol! I'd better get a wriggle on! How many have you written and subbed so far this year? And what are you going to do to try and increase your publication rate?

For me, getting my backside down in my chair and typing would be a good start. I have many, many ideas but need to get down to writing them up, subbing and editing them - it's all very well having ideas but if I don't write them they won't become publishable stories. So that's what I'm going to do.

Happy writing

Julie xx


Frances Garrood said...

Although I have sold in this country, at the moment I seem to be doing much better in Scandavia!

Good luck, Julie.

Julie P said...

Scandanavia, Frances?! That's brilliant. I often find it strange that many writers seem to get success in other countries in regards to short stories before they get a story published in their own country. It happened to me! I was published in Australia twice before I was published here in the UK.

My last batch of stories have all come back rejected so it's back on the horse for me and try again. Frustrating, though, when there are so many other writers getting their stories accepted left right and centre - or that's what it feels like sometimes. lol!

Julie xx

Martin said...

Your enthusiasm is infectious, Julie. Here's fingers crossed for those re-jigged stories.

Julie P said...

Thank you, Martin! I'm like a disease! I do have my not so good days when I don't feel I'm getting anywhere, but I always manage to get going again eventually.

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

They say that every cloud has a silver-lining ... well perhaps Woman's Weekly think that with everyone else ditching the short story market, they're best place to pick up those readers who do like reading short stories. Which can only be good news for short story writers!

And Ive just been reading a book which suggests we should be putting out short stories into collections and offering them for sale on Amazon's Kindle. Now, there's a thought.

Julie P said...

I agree, Simon - and maybe we will see a resurgence in the short story market by other magas following suit.

Yes. I'd heard that short story collections were doing well on Kindle. There are always options.

Julie xx

HelenMHunt said...

I'm still sticking to trying to write one new short story a week. I find it helps to give myself deadlines, especially when fitting around writing articles, running workshops etc!

Julie P said...

That's a great way of approaching it, Helen. At least you know you'll have a regular strem of stories to sub that way.

Julie xx