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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Who do you think you are?

I was watching some TV programme recently, I forget which, where someone said that if you want to be successful in your chosen field you should dress as the person you want to be not who you are now. The psychology being that if you look the part you'll feel the part and therefore be the part! So if you want to be a successful writer then you should act and look like a successful writer. And that's where the ship sinks.

What does a successful writer look like? Are they tall, short, wide, narrow, blond, brunette, old, young, dress in jeans and a sloppy sweater, wear tailored suits and have a manicure every week? Writers are as diverse as the colours in the rainbow so one size, or one defining description does not fit all. But I see where this person was coming from. I know I feel more confident and more professional if I dress smartly - I know I mean business. If, for instance, I'm going to interview someone, I always make an effort to look smart. I think it makes good business sense. And how we present ourselves can have a direct impact on how we are perceived as people and how people interact with us.

It's the same when we are writing. I find that if I'm being sloppy and slouching at my desk in my pyjamas or jeans and a t-shirt - I don't feel like I'm at work. In my mind, because I'm dressing down my mind-set follows and my work suffers. If I dress as though I was going out to work in an office, I immediately feel the click in my brain that signals I'm working. I did feel a bit daft when I first did it, slipping on my smart trousers and blouse just to go upstairs to my writing space where no-one was going to see me all day! But it works. You look smart and business-like therefore you are smart and business-like. It's interesting that on the days I dress smartly I get more writing done!

In your mind - what does a writer look like? If (when) you become a successful writer, how do you envisage yourself to look like? How will you behave/ What will you wear?

Happy writing

Julie xx


Frances Garrood said...

I'm afraid I shall be wearing exactly what I've got on now - jeans, shirt and sweater!

Julie P said...

LOL, Frances!

I was watching the A-Z of Crime Writing on TV last night and was struck by how different all of the writers were. It was interesting to see some in jeans, some dressed up to be interviewed.

I think, really, though, I am a closet secretary. All the signs are there: I like to dress smart for my home office, I love wandering round Staples and staring at their stationery, trying out their office chairs, etc.

Thing is, if you saw me outside I'd be wearing my usual 'uniform' of jeans and a top! I think I'm in desperate need of Gok Wan to be honest! I don't own a skirt or dress !

Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of clothes. Yes, here I sit..naked. Not really, there are mirrors here and it's more than they can stand.

I am, however, a complete slob. I might dress up for a signing. You know, in shoes and stuff. I might even comb my hair (no promises though).

Jo Styles.

Julie P said...

Lol, Jo!

I try not to look at mirrors much either - I do brush my hair a lot, though - mind you, don't know why I bothered this week so far as as soon as I've stepped outside I've become windswept!

Julie xx