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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Writer's comfort

We all have things, as people, that make us feel comfortable. Things that make life just that little bit better. As a writer, one of my main comforts is my office - well,  it's a luxury really as I could manage without one, but I like to have all my writing stuff all in one place - it just makes my writing life that much easier.

Another of my comforts is being able to curl up on my sofa, two cats sitting at my feet with either a novel or one of the writing magazines I subscribe to. This afternoon, after I'd sent a couple of invoices and had re-edited and resubbed two rejected short stories, I treated myself to a cuppa and I sat on my sofa with the cats and read Writers' Forum. My article about NaNo was in it, so that was a nice surprise - we'll I knew it was pencilled in for November's issue, but I wasn't quite sure until I saw it in print with my own eyes!

I know of a lot of writers who don't read any of the major selling writing magazines: Writers' Forum, Writing Magazine or The New Writer. But for me, they were an essential part of my writing education when I first started out  and they remain so today, even though I now have a bit of experience under my belt and my articles have appeared in all three of these magazines (something I never thought would happen!)

These magazines are crammed full of helpful advice and interesting insights into the world of writers and writing, so I cannot reccommend them enough. They certainly helped me! If you don't read any of them, I would suggest that you at least try one or two issues of each - you might be surprised at what you learn.

So far, this week, I've subbed two short stories that were previoiusly rejected but I've been feeling a little under the weather, nothing major, but enough to zap my strength a little, so I haven't done as much as I would have liked (why is it, as writers, that we are never satisfied with what we achieve?) But sitting down this afternoon perusing the pages of Writers' Forum has helped the healing process somewhat.

Happy writing, whatever you're writing!

Julie xx


Nari said...

There's nothing like a good cuppa and a novel :) I agree with you - since I started reading Writers' Forum in my second year of Uni, I have learned so much about the industry, the practice, the discipline and the art that is writing. So many doors have been opened just by being aware of the writing 'scene' and others who write.
I look forward to reading your article Julie :) So excited for Nano this year - it will be my first ever.
Nari X

Hawkman said...

As writers we are never satisfied with what we accomplish because as soon as we are we become less ambitious, and unless we are someone like Stephen King, we can't afford to lose our ambition. Congrats on the article and revel in every accomplishment big or small because you've earned it.

Julie P said...

Hi, Nari,

We never stop learning as writers, ot, indeed, as human beings do we? I love the writing magazines as they have such good and interesting advice.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hello Hawkman and thank you.

It's the writing process for me, rather than the end product, that keeps me writing. Although, seeing your work published and receiving payment is the icing on the cake!

Stephen King is a phenomenal writer but I think anyone who gets anything published is fab too.

Keep writing!

Julie xx