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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Brace Yourselves - It Starts Today!

So, how many words, on this the first day of NaNoWriMo, have you written? If you've on target you'll need to write approximately 1,666 words a day - sounds a lot, but it isn't once you get into the flow it's relatively easy to achieve -  it's not impossible anyway; I know because I've done it twice already. One of the great gadgets on the NaNo site is a graph that shows you, daily, what your target is and how much you've actually written. I found this a great help.

I also find it better to split my word target into smaller chunks throughout the day, rather than do it all at once. And don't panic if you fall short a couple of times  - you can catch up when you have more time to write. But don't get too far behind  -  the pressure might kill your creativity. It's important to keep writing whether you think you've got something good to write or not. I found that I ended up with two novels that were both in a tangle and took me ages to unravel at the end. In fact, I haven't managed to get them completely sorted yet! So I intend, this time, to  make a few notes before I start and at the end of each writing session plot it on so I know where I'm going the next time I sit down to write it.

It's easy to be super enthusiastic and go off half cocked at the start of NaNo, but that drive can soon wane, particularly in the middle of the month, until you can see finishing line of November 30th. So I'd like all my fellow NaNos to, as we go along the NaNo journey, to give their tips for NaNo success and what they are finding difficult - whatever you want - whatever gets us all through!

Happy NaNo!

Julie xx


Lynne Hackles said...

Good luck, Julie. I admire you for doing this each year. I never seem to get around to it. Go, Julie, go!

Anonymous said...

What have I done??!! Why did I ever think this was a good idea??!
Nicola xx

Diane Perry said...

Good luck Julie, your enthusiasm inspires me to try it next year!

Nari said...

Finding Difficult: having time. I wrote a little bit today at work whilst my client was sleeping, but then didn't get home till gone 9:00. Have been trying to write but my eyes won't stay open...
By the way, I am reading through your article in WF and enjoying it so far :)
How is your novel going?
Nari X
p.s I' Nari_J on the site.

Julie P said...

Hi, Lynne
Thank you! I'm lagging behind at the moment but intend to get their in the end. The trouble is, it's so addictive I end up doing it every year and doing nothing with the manuscripts! I must go back to the first NaNo manuscript and get it finished, lol!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Get on with you, Nicola! You've done more words than I have at the moment!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Di!
If only I had more hours in the day! Too tired to do any at the moment but I know I'll get there. I've done it twice before so I'll do it again! We ought to get more Wrekin Writers to do it.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Nari

You and me both!I'm so tired - it's starting the new job!

Glad you like the article. I'm pleased with it too.

Julie xx

Mike said...

Stick with it. What's your NaNoWriMo handle? Yvonne's is Yvonne Sarah Lewis

Julie P said...

Hi, Mike

I think it's Julou - but I'll have to go on the site to check! I'm getting there slowly with the word count! How's Yvonne doing?

Julie xx