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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Taking chances

It's been a fast week this week and I can hardly believe that here I among a Saturday morning again. Well done to all those NaNo bods who have completed their 50,000 words. It's a great feeling and I hope I shall be celebrating with you soon. I am currently at around 40,500 words so now back on track to be finishing on the 30th (even if it might be at 23:59 hrs!)

But, of course, November 30th isn't the end for our NaNo novels -  then comes the longer, more sedate but intense period where the NaNo novel is unravelled and digested and edited. I think that as NaNo-ers we owe it to our efforts and sacrifices and determination to finish the novel that that is exactly what we do. We've taken the time to write it so now we have the chance to whip it into shape - to tease out the real story hidden in those hastily written words. So I would advocate that we take that chance and after a few weeks of letting our NaNo novel breathe we inhale deeply, read through the NaNo novel, and see where we are with it. It might not be pretty and might make for some uncomfortable reading, but hidden somewhere will be a few sentences and paragraphs, a few plot strings and the beginnings of great characters that will a story make! So don't be afraid to take that chance.

If you haven't done the official NaNo then why not do your own mini-nano? Take a weekend or an evening, a week and commit to write some words and see what happens. One thing that is for sure and that is the best thing about NaNo for me is that it makes you write. You have a few thousand words that you didn't have at the beginning of November. You can't work with what you haven't got down on paper and even if those words are not the best you've ever written at least you have something to work with. Take your own chance.

I have good news to report. I have  short story in this week's issue of The Weekly News which, incidentally, has three stories this time with mine being the shorter one. I'm also doing a series of articles about writing groups for writing magazine, so things are good on the writing front. After NaNo - which I'm aiming to finish this weekend, I'll be going back to my short stories as I don't have many out there now and finishing assignment 6 and  7 for the journalism course I still haven't completed (to my shame!)

So I'm going to pretty busy with that and my day job - but I'm happy with my NaNo efforts so far and now I can see the tape of the finishing line flapping in the breeze in the distance I can feel my vigour renewing itself as we speak!

Happy writing

Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

So very pleased for you! Have far you have travelled this year, just think what you will achieve in 2012!

Julie P said...

Thanks, Carole,

I've really enjoyed writing this year and I hope I will carry on next year. I've got lots to be going on with.

Which book are you on now? I lose track you've done so many!

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

Congratulations on The Weekly News and the Writing magazine work!

Julie P said...

Thank you, Simon! Yes, I decided to confess!

Julie xx