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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Writing - a pleasure or a curse?

Nano is in full swing and so congratulations to those who are taking part - we are on the home straight now with a week and a half to go til the big finish. I'd also like to say sorry to those who aren't doing NaNo this year and well done for putting up so well with those of us who are obsessed with it! It can't be easy.

I've had a few days off from the NaNo frenzy as I've been on a sleep over with the beaver scouts which didn't lend itself to writing as we were on the go morning til night. What with that and my chest infection it hasn't exactly been conducive to writing. But I've managed to type a few words today and I'm just over the 30,000 word mark which I'm pleased about.

I love writing, but there are times when I wonder why I do it and there are other times when it's not such a pleasure to write: when I'm feeling unwell, when there are 101 other things I need to be doing and times like these. We all have them! But for the majority of the time I love to write and can feel quite grumpy or out of sorts when I can't write. I enjoy most of the other things I'm doing and the scout sleep over was excellent, but it means I'm behind with NaNo!

So I find writing both a pleasure and a curse, particularly when writing ideas come at the most awkward moments and I can't write them down, ie, when I'm out and about or in the middle of the night when I'm trying to sleep and I have to get out of bed to write them down but I'm too tired and I know that if I don't write them down I'll forget them.

So how do you view your writing? Is it a pleasure or curse for you, or a bit of both? And what do you do to get your writing ball rolling when you're not in the mood?

Happy writing

Julie xx


Nick Wilford said...

I was one of those eager Beavers myself once upon a time so I understand how it would be impractical to get any work done during a camping trip!

A great tip, that I've heard others mention, is to leave off each session in the middle of a scene (or even a sentence) so when you come back to it, you always have something to pick up on. I often feel unmotivated or too tired, but that changes a few minutes after sitting myself in front of the word processor and getting involved back in the action.

Good luck with the last few days of Nano!

Julie P said...

Hi Nick!

Oh yes, the beavers were certainly eager - I don't know where young people get their energy from!

I'm on the last hill of NaNo - slightly behind but determined to get there by the 30th! I leave off mid chapter but write a little note underneath just to signpost myself to where I need to go the next writing session.

The thing about NaNo is that it shows you as a writer just how much you are capable of writing if you set your mind to it!

Julie xx