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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas is coming .......

........The goose is getting fat. So are you ready for the Big Day then? What do you mean, no? Don't worry, neither am I! I did attend Much Wenlock Christmas Fayre today which was wonderful as ever and I have started to write my Christmas cards, but I'm still recovering from NaNo and my 'orrible virus thing I had, so I've not done much writing. I have, however managed to get my accounts into some sort of order and I'm well on my way to planning my writing programme for the coming year.

I like to take time over the Christmas and New Year period to look back over what I've achieved with my writing over the past 12 months and where I want to take it in the next 12 months. It helps to give me direction and an idea of what I want to try next. The trouble is that there is so much I want to do writing wise that I find it hard to pin myself down and choose which project I want to do next! I'd rather have it that way round than not have any writing projects to do at all. It's going to prove to be more challenging this coming year due to my writing time being reduced - I'm going for quality over quantity in 2012!

Have a look back at your own writing and take the time over Christmas when you've had enough of the repeats on the TV to plan your next move. It's better than watching your nearest and dearest fighting over the remote and the last Quality Street.

Happy planning

Julie xx


Nick Wilford said...

I like planning when it comes to the new year, even if I don't achieve everything I want! I'm aiming to finish my WIP, then have a go at my backlog of short story ideas. Then I'll go back to the novel for a second draft (and maybe third and fourth...) Then onto submissions and maybe (gasp) getting an agent! We can dream ;)

Julie P said...

Sounds like a good plan to me, Nick - good luck. Ah but at least you dream about getting an agent and are actually working towards achieving your dream. Some people just leave it at the dreaming stage and make no effort to work their way there.

Julie xx

Admin said...

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