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Saturday, 24 December 2011

The eve of possibility

I love Christmas Eve. It's my favourite day of the festive season. The Christmas shopping has (hopefully) been done, the children are (hopefully) in bed and it's time to sit down, relax and unwind and consider what has happened since last Christmas. For some of us it has been an amazingly successful year in regards to our writing, but, for others, they have yet to be published.

Getting published can take a hell of a long and frustrating time! I've been there, got the t-shirt, DVD and special edition CD with bonus tracks and I'm still there trying to get published as the hard work doesn't stop on your first publication. So remember, if you haven't yet managed to get any of your work published, or you have but not as much as you would have liked, that you are not alone and you are doing the right things by writing lots, reading lots and learning lots about the writing, editing and publishing process.

So, today, once the day is settled and you are sitting there with your mulled wine and mince pie, have a look back at your writing achievements and your near misses (we won't say the  'R' word today,) and think about how you are going to move your writing forward next year. It's no good stopping at the thinking part of the process, though. You have to move on from there and actually take steps to improve your writing and publishing prospects - so next Christmas you can sit sipping your mulled wine and nibbling your mince pie with a greater success list than last year!

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the moment and look forward to an exciting, prolific and successful writing year in 2012.

Happy Christmas and happy writing

Julie xx

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