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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Get in the mood ......

It's time to get in the mood for Christmas - well it's only 15 days away. But I don't mean get ready for this year. Oh no! I mean get yourself prepared, in a literary sense, for Christmas 2012. It's far too late now to even consider subbing a short story or article for this Christmas. In the world of publishing, it's all done and sparkly, magically Christmas dusted. But, there's no need to get despondent about it - save it all for next year.

While the tinsel is up and the Christmas lights are twinkling, sit yourself down and let the spirit and atmosphere of Christmas wash over you. Let all that embodies Christmas fill your head and let the mulled wine flow and let those ideas come flooding out of you on to the page. Then put them away in a draw or folder and let them rest for a while. You'll then have probably six to eight months to edit them to your heart's content and get them subbed in plenty of time for next year. Most items need to be subbed a good four to six months before the big day itself for them even to be considered. I know most seasoned writers know this, but a beginner might not.

So look about you this festive season and write it all down: the smells, the sights, the sounds, the tastes, the textures and use it all to full effect in your writing. But don't just look at the usual or the ordinary because every other writer will be doing that as well. Open your eyes and see things from a different perspective - the unusual and original will whet the editor's appetite for your work. Think laterally and about what Christmas means to you and your family, whilst taking it in its wider context. Do you have any experience or knowledge of Christmas traditions in other countries, for instance, that you could bring into the mix - something that's different but familiar with readers will be a hit. If you can write something that has that illusive little bit extra, that special sparkle that editors have their eye on then you'll be one step ahead. It's finding that special little extra that's the problem. But if you keep yourself open to knew experiences this Christmas and new ways of thinking about the festive season you'll be well on your way.

Happy Christmas thinking and writing!
Julie xx

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