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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Challenge ......... Are You Up To It?

When you were a child, in order to coax you to do something you didn't think you could do or didn't want to do, did your parents or guardians ever bet you that you couldn't do it? Or maybe your school friends would dare you to do something and in order to not loose face you did it anyway to prove them wrong? It happens in our everyday adult life too. I have to prove to my boss that I can do my job, I have to prove to an editor that I am not only capable of writing the article that I have pitched to them, but I am the best person to write it.

Sometimes, particularly when having to do something new, we don't always have the confidence to do it. We think that we lack the skills or knowledge to do it and it is fear of failure and embarrassment that stops us from even trying. We manage to convince ourselves of our shortcomings without recognising our potential before we even give ourselves a chance! It can be a difficult obstacle to get ourselves over - and I'm the first person to admit that sometimes I don't approach a new editor of a potential new market because I have convinced myself that they won't be interested in my work, that I'm not capable of writing anything they will want and there are hundreds of other writers out there with more experience and expert knowledge than me that there's no point in bothering. I know, I know, someone slap me.

So, as February is known as the month of love thanks to dear old Saint Valentine, and, in honour of it being a leap year this year, I am challenging you all to fall in love with your writing all over again and love and trust in your own abilities to get that new commission. So, if you wish to join me, I am asking that interested parties do something positive for their writing everyday during February. You can choose one or more or all of the challenges below:

1. Pitch a new idea a day to new markets.
2. Write and sub a short story every week during the month.
3. Write a short blog posting each day with some inspiring and/or motivating advice for writers.
4. Write a reader's letter a day and sub one different one to a different magazine each day.
5. Write something, anything, for at least ten minutes a day - invest that time in your own writing and see how much you can actually get down on paper during that time. Challenge yourself to increase your word count each day by the end of February.

You can even make your own challenge up - only you know what you can manage to do and what is likely to keep you motivated. Do keep commenting throughout the month on how you are getting on with your challenge and any advice you have that you've discovered during the month.

Don't forget to spread the word  -  let's see how many writers we can get to take up the challenge!

Happy valentine!

Julie xx


Diane Perry said...

Count me in Julie, I will try to write something every day. Will see how it goes from there. Great idea- Di xx

Carole Anne Carr said...

A great idea, Julie, I write something every day, but much better if I know I'm part of something. xx

Julie P said...

Excellent, Di and Carole Anne!

Julie xx

Nari said...

You are so right, Julie. Number 5 sounds good, and I'm in. I have an hour before my shift starts today (though it is technically not February yet,) so let's see what happens. :)

Nari X

Julie P said...

Go for it, Nari!
Julie xx