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Friday, 20 January 2012

Getting to the root of it

I had a wonderful find the other day as I was perusing the books displayed outside a PDSA charity shop. Nestled between the Barbara Taylor-Bradford's and the Dan Browns were two books that I couldn't resist. I love books that inform me about writing and writers. I also love books that delve into the English language, quotations, for example, and how words are formed. So profound is my love of words that my husband marvels when I sit down and read the dictionary. He says I'm the only person he knows who does this! Okay, so I'm a bit strange like that, but I can't help it. Some people knit, some people go sky diving, while others cycle, do cross stitch or go hill working. I read the dictionary and I'm proud to admit it!

Anyway, the books. The first one was The Penguin Dictionary of Troublesome Words by Bill Bryson, published in 1984 and the second, Words of a Feather by Murray Suid, published in 2007.  It was as though fate had drawn me to that shop as I rarely shop in that area of town but I'm so glad I made a detour this time. The books are brilliant! Bill Bryson looks at words that are sometimes misspelled or used in the wrong sense -  the book gives the right way to use them and how to spell them. Murray Suid's book is about etymology and gives the origins of words related words such as acrobat and acronym or deadline and linen. It made for fascinating reading and will be useful for my writing.

So next time your in town, head for the second hand or charity shops and peruse their book shelves. You might just find yourself an interesting read that will improve and enhance your writing.

Happy perusing!

Julie xx


Diane Perry said...

It's amazing what people donate to charity bookshops isn't it? I must admit I could never get rid of any of my books yet take great pleasure in browsing the shelves of these places too. I find it wonderful for research as you can usually find books on so many topics and they are so cheap to buy. It really is worth a vist. Happy browsing! xx

Diane Fordham said...

Hi Julie - I like that idea. I must check out the second hand shops for some treasures. x

Carole Anne Carr said...

Must look for both! x

Julie P said...

Hi, Di,

I love browsing second hand book shops too - it's well worth while. I love books that give me info about words and the English language. I hate getting rid of my books too - but, out of neccessity - no room - I have to have a cull every now and then so I can fit in the new books I want!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Diane,

It's well worth it sometimes - I've found no end of bargains.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Carole Anne,

I think they're American books - and it was a very lucky find!
Julie xx