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Friday, 24 February 2012

Fill up your tanks

No, I don't mean your petrol tanks. That's far too expensive! I'm referring to filling up your writing related tanks. There is the Motivation Tank, the Inspiration tank, the Subbing Tank, the First Draft tank, the Editing Tank, the Socialising Tank and the Determination Tank. That's quite a lot of tanks to keep your eye on. But let any of them get too low and you run the risk of your writing engine seizing up.

I was lucky enough recently to be able to fill most of my tanks up in one fair swoop. It was my local writing group meeting last week and we one of our members did a workshop which enabled me to fill up to my heart's content. Her writing exercises and information, along with meeting with many friends and chatting within the group was a perfect opportunity to fill up and should keep me running until the next meeting.

My Determination Tank is seldom low as I have enough reserves of that to keep me writing forever! But sometimes my Motivation and Socialising Tanks run on fumes which is why my once a month excursions to my writing group are as essential to my writing as my computer is. And as for inspiration, the workshop's writing exercises, including free writing, opened up a mine of possibilities to me. Ideas flowed at the workshop that I am looking forward to working on over the next few months.

My First Draft, Editing and Subbing Tanks have almost over flowed these past few weeks as I've taken the February writing challenge on board - with six short stories subbed, two articles and another two articles on the go plus an assignment about to subbed for the journalism course I'm doing.
So, theoretically, I have enough material to work with - when I consider the novels I haven't yet polished as well - to keep me going for the rest of this year and beyond. It's like Simon Whaley, author of ten books including The Positively Productive Writer suggests - having  a mixture of short, medium and long term writing goals to work towards means you should never be short of a project to work on. I've taken that excellent advice on board and it's working.

It's amazing what you can write when you put your mind to it, but it will only happen if you make it happen as no-one's going to write it for you, unless you employ the services of a ghost writer, of course.

So keep the momentum going and be happy in your writing,

Julie xx


Bluestocking Mum said...

Really good post, Julie.

Good to catch up and very timely. I've been out of action for a while but now I'm fired up and ready to go and it's amazing how much more productive I am with the mojo back!

And it's spooky as I've posted a blog at the Romaniacs http://theromaniacgroup.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/introducing-debbie-white/
today all about determination.


Julie P said...

Hi, Bluestocking Mum!

Great to see you again. Actually, your comment was rather timely for me this morning too. I needed a bit of encouragement to get myself going too!
Onwards and upwards!

Julie xx