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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How do you like yours?

Do you remember that Cadbury's Creme Egg advert where they asked how you preferred to eat your egg? My particular favourite was when they said 'two at a time, baby!' That always made me smile. But anyway, enough about chocolate eggs. What I've been thinking about recently is how ideas for short stories come to us as writers.

I've been thinking about this as I know that not all writers are the same and we all get our ideas for stories in different ways. For some it's a line of dialogue that pops into their head, or they'll overhear a conversation that will be the spark. For others it's something they see on the TV that will prove to be the stimulus. Sometimes an event from their past that resurfaces from a certain smell or certain place or person that will be the trigger.

For me, I often get a character speaking in my head. I know it sounds quite strange and I hadn't really ought to confess to having voices in my head, but that's how it is for me! And from that initial voice comes the short story. If I sit, notebook in hand, pen poised and actually try and think of a short story idea, more often than not none appear. But I can be sitting watching the TV, or walking around at work and a line or two of dialogue will appear from nowhere.

I'm quite a visual writer in that I often play the scenes of my short story in my head, rather like a film. I can see the characters and I can hear their voices and see how they interact in a cinematic way.This has its advantages in that I can play the story out and see if it's going to work. Quite often, if I'm stuck with a piece of writing, I'll do this and it can help me to flow again. If you don't already do this then give it a try.

So how do your ideas come to you? And how do you 'play' your story through?

Happy writing

Julie xx


Lynne Hackles said...

Give me two creme eggs, baby, and I'm sure I'd get a story idea. Or should I come up with an idea and then allow myself an egg as a reward?

Diane Perry said...

Usually it's the environment that inspires me but just recently I keep overhearing conversations that make me think of a story. That makes me sound very nosey I know but they were genuinely overheard and some people speak so loudly it's a wonder all the writers in the area don't fasten on. Di xxx

Julie P said...

Do it both ways, Lynne! Double the ideas!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

We're supposed to be nosy, Di!It's an essential trait for a writer!

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

Overheard conversations inspire me. Especially if someone says, "How do you eat yours?"

Julie P said...

Oh, I love those too, Simon, especially when people are on mobile phones and you only get half the conversation - classic!

The kids at school are good with the one liners too.

I shall be waiting now to read a short story or article of yours with that line in now, lol!

Julie xx