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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Progress report

I'm so pleased that some fellow bloggers have made the decision to join me and make February their month to fall in love with their writing again. Simon Whaley did a workshop at our local writing group a couple of years back about falling back in love with your writing. I never knew a Moleskine notebook could be so sensuous! When you're next on his blog, ask him what he did with the moleskine notebook at that workshop - I haven't been the same since!

Anyway, this is a round up of what I've been up to since I started the February writing love-in a week ago. I've managed to edit two short stories and sub them, as well as edit an article and edit and sub a further article. I've also come up with a few more ideas for articles and short stories that I will continue working on those over the coming weeks.

What's interesting about this February challenge is that it's really focused my mind on what I actually want to do with my writing. Instead of behaving like a butterfly, I've managed to ground myself and it's paying off. Giving myself permission to write and the time to do it in has helped. All too often writing time has been diminished due to life's other demands. But it is possible to write, no matter how busy you are, if you really want to.

So keep going those who are doing the challenge - it will be interesting to see where our February writing takes us!

Happy writing
Julie xx


Diane Fordham said...

Hi Julie, thought it was about time I swung by to see how you're going. You sound like you're in a good writing head space at the moment - excellent! Keep up the good work x

Julie P said...

Hi, Diane

Thanks for dropping by!

Yes, I'm pleased with my writing at the moment - just need to keep the momentum going. Easier said than done!

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

I'll happy show people how to treat their Moleskine notebook - as long as I'm given a new one to demonstrate with ;-)

Julie P said...

Hi, Simon,
I don't think they're ready for your moleskine notebook demo dear!

Julie xx