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Monday, 27 February 2012

What works for me ...... sometimes

If, like me, you've submitted many short stories to the women's mags that carry fiction or pitched lots of articles and have had many rejections, you might wonder why you do it! But every now and then you get an acceptance and that one acceptance sets you back on the right road again  -  no-one is going down the road that leads to Quitsville  here!

So how come some of your subs make it through yet the vast majority don't? It's not an easy question to answer as there are so many possible reasons why and editors don't always share them with us. It's no wonder we become so disheartened sometimes. But, when you get your next rejection instead of being negative and threaten to jack it all in,  hold on to those few acceptances you have - they will bring you to senses! You've been published before and you can do it again.

What works for me?

Sitting on my bum and reading the mags I want to be published in.
Writing lots.
Making my writing a priority and making time to write.
Writing lots.
Not giving in to negativity.
Writing lots.
Learning from rejections.
Writing lots.
Listening to and talking with lots of fellow writers.
Writing lots.
Having the audacity to write and sub in the first place.
Writing lots.
Getting out and about and experiencing life so that I have lots to write about.
Oh, and did I mention write lots?

So there you are. That's what I do - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but that's what the road to becoming published is paved with, pot holes of rejection and side roads leading to nowhere.It's not a straight road. There are many twists and turns with steep drops either side. Watch your step - you don't want to loose your footing. Travel this writing road with care and you might well just reach your destination. But come to a screeching halt at the sign of the first road block or a fallen tree and you won't know, should you have made  detour, where you may have travelled on to.

Go on, take a chance with your writing and see where it takes you.

Happy writing

Julie xx


suzy doodling said...

Well wrote Julie, I'm going to take your advice and Write lots.

Diane Perry said...

Wonferful post Julie, guess what? I'm writing lots! I have a story that was rejected recently and on reflection and more editing I could see why. So I started writing it again and sent it off.
You never know, it just may work for me too. Dix

Julie P said...

Hi, Suzy,

Thank you! Lots of writing is good!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

It's always great when you can edit a previously rejected story and find out how to make it work. So good luck with that.

Julie xx