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Monday, 19 March 2012

Keep on Keeping on

What with the clocks going forward this weekend and the promise of some sunshine and the end to those long winter nights I can feel myself itching to get going with my writing again. I haven't not been writing, far from it, but I am becoming more and more aware that I could be writing a lot more if I put my mind to it. It's a time thing with me. But, then again, they do say that if you really want to write then you'll find the time to do it. Quite right too - but life does have a habit of getting in the way, and in an ideal world ......

So, my message this week is to keep on keeping on! No matter what is going on, how you're feeling, what you're up to your elbows in, make the time and effort to write something, anything. Something is always better than nothing - you can work on something but you can't do anything with nothing.

News this week: I did a workshop on interviewing at my writers' group on Saturday. It went very well and I love doing them (for anyone who knew me when I first started at Wrekin Writers no-one is more surprised than me when I say that!) I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about standing up and reading my work out, let alone do a workshop when I first started!) I recommend that you bite the bullet and do your own workshops - it's nice to impart the knowledge and experience you do have (even the knowledge and experience that you think you don't have!) You can do it and people will appreciate your efforts.

I'm still keeping on with the articles and short stories. I have several out there waiting to find a home and will be sending others to join them shortly.

Don't forget to put your clocks forward! The psychological boost that lighter evenings bring is good for you and good for your writing - use it to its full advantage and keep writing.

Happy writing and happy spring

Julie xx


Simon Whaley said...

I'd better get a move on then, if I'm going to lose an hour this weekend. That's an hour less writing time!

Diane Fordham said...

Enjoyed the post Julie. 'Make the time and effort' - great advice. Thank you :-)

Diane Perry said...

It was a great workshop Julie, as ever I left feeling inspired to have a go at interviewing more people. xx

Julie P said...

Don't make me get my whip out, Simon!

Get a move on you must!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

It's got to be done, Diane!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Di! Glad you enjoyed it. It was great fun.

Julie xx

Anonymous said...


I love writing, it's my refuge, but I never thought about giving freedom to my imagination to come up with new ideas to write more. I think I shall do that ;)

Good luck..


Julie P said...

Hi, Mery

That's the spirit! Go for it!

Julie xx