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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Can it be done?

I've had a sudden burst of activity on the writing front, not helped, however, with my little netbook becoming sick. He's (yes he is a he and his name is Rupert) got an appointment with the doctor tomorrow so I hope he can be cured.

Anyway, computer problems aside, I went to bed last night and no sooner than my head hit the pillow I had a flurry of writing ideas flow through my head. So, up I got and dutifully wrote them down. The same thing happened this morning - so through my groggy, just woken up state and with bleary eyes I wrote them down again. This is why it's a great idea to keep pens and a writing pad by your bed. That way you haven't got far to stumble to be able to record your ideas. Do not be lazy and think you'll remember it and write it down on the morrow because you won't. It will hang tantalisingly in the air of your brain just out of your reach and on the tip of your tongue, forever making you wonder if it would have been your breakthrough idea and leaving you want to kick yourself.

For some of my ideas I think, yes, they're a go-er. For other ideas I think they're  a non-starter and for some they're labelled a maybe. It's the non-starter's that concern me here. How do we know if an idea hasn't got wings? What is it about an idea that smells of failure, that shrieks 'don't waste your time with me!' Most of the time it's a gut feeling, but some of the time it's down to our bossy inner editor trying to put us off. This harbinger of doom mustn't be allowed to escape the confines of the reinforced concrete cell we have placed it in. If released you may as well kiss goodbye to your work in process.

Can it be done? Yes, with a lot of lateral thinking, serious tweaking and a cast iron constitution most ideas can be given legs with which to run with. Our job as a writer is to assemble those legs, bone by bone, muscle by muscle, cell by cell, and to banish our inner editor. I never say never to an idea until I've given it a good thrashing. If I can't make it work one way, I try another way and another way until I've exhausted every avenue available at the time. This doesn't mean that the idea won't grow legs in the future so no idea is ever wasted. It usually turns up, reincarnated, at some stage.

So, if your inner editor or gut instinct is telling you it can't be done - shout back louder and clearer that, actually, it can - so there!

Happy writing



Diane Fordham said...

Hi Julie, I enjoyed your post. I've got a notebook of ideas that I keep, and yes I have to admit sometimes weeks even months later I go back to those ideas I didn't have much hope for and something comes of it. Worth keeping. x

Julie P said...

It's always good to keep a notebook handy to jot your ideas down isn't it, Diane. I have several all over the house and it's always exciting to find an idea hidden in one of them that I had forgotten about!

Happy writing!

Julie xx

suzy doodling said...

Great post Julie, I have great ideas if I swap to a bit of knitting. I think I've already told you that though:))

Julie P said...

Hi, Suzy

We all have other demands on our time don't we! If only there were more hrs in the day - but then again, I bet even if we had all the time in the world to write, we'd still find something else to do!

Julie xx