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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

I've been hearing a lot about trolls recently. No, not the mythical beasts that hide under bridges, munching goats in children's stories, I mean Internet trolls, that increasing sector of Internet users that take delight in belittling, bullying and stalking other Internet users. It's a blight, but inevitable really. Some people have nothing better to do than attack other people. Their lives are so full of nothing much that they feel the need to have a go at people who do have a life.

It happens in 'real' life too. Some people are so wrapped up in their own little lives and self importance that they can't stand anyone challenging them or having a different view point for them. As far as they are concerned what they think and say goes. They can't see past their own ego and so remain in their own poisonous loop, shooting barbs at anyone they perceive to deserve their wrath.

Writers are sensitive souls who don't like conflict unless it's in the fictional sense and all the arguing and sniping and exaggerations that are going on around them doesn't help their creativity. Writers can have a tendency to dwell on things which can cause havoc with their ability to write. Of course, once the dust settles and things have moved on, all the conflict is good fodder for the writer, which is why it never pays to upset a writer because, invariably, that person or people who've upset the writer will, in one form or another end up in a book or short story, or be the subject of an article: all names and identifying characteristics removed of course, so that only the writer will know that revenge has been exacted! In fiction the villain always gets their comeuppance!

So if you've been the victim of a troll - whether virtual or real life - the way to get over it is to incorporate it into your writing. Let your words be your weapon of choice. I'm a pacifist at heart but cross me and I do tend to roar a bit! Don't get involved in the arguments and pettiness that surrounds us all as it helps no-one and, in a way, it only encourages trolls to keep trying to antagonise you. Don't let them win. Write about them then move on. Get rid of the people in your life who drain you, whose main mission in life seems to be to berate you or blame things on you. Remember you know the truth, so does it matter what they think? I think not!

Let your creativity and resourcefulness carry you forward to success and happiness,  leaving them to wallow in their self-made misery. Don't give them power over you - once they realise they have no hold on you they can't hurt you and they move on to their next victim. Carry on writing and get on with your life without them. Accept that trolls are just a sad fact of life and support your real friends, should they have the misfortune to cross paths with a troll. It's easy with Internet trolls, you can just switch them off - not so easy with real-life trolls, but not impossible.

Happy writing



Carole Anne Carr said...

No trolls, Julie, thankfully but looking to help others. Do pop along to my new blog http://caroleannecarr-creativewritingtutor.blogspot.com
and if you know of anyone who would benefit, do tell them.
Hugs, Carole. xx

Diane Fordham said...

Good advice Julie. I like the way you mentioned to use the emotions etc in a story. x

Julie P said...

Hi, Carole - glad you haven't encountered any trolls! Good to hear about your new blog.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Diane,

Yes, I find if you can harness those emotions and bring them to your fiction it makes the piece more real. So the next time someone annoys you use those feelings in your next piece! Get your own back, literary style!

Julie xx