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Monday, 18 June 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's the silly season again. I'm sure everyone else on here is rushing around like a headless chicken as much as I am. It's all too easy to let our commitment to writing slip because of our ever expanding to-do list. But if you want to be a published writer and stay being published then we need to make the time to write. I know that that is more easily said than done sometimes but even if you just jot a couple of ideas down, e-mail an editor with a pitch, write a letter to a newspaper editor, write that first paragraph or page of a short story, plot that novel - even if it's only ten minutes a day it will be ten minutes of writing closer to your goal.

So, in amongst the chaos that surrounds you, if you just sit down and write for ten minutes you will prove not only to yourself but to others that you are committed to your writing and your writing project will get finished. But by not writing and letting the chaos swallow you up you may never know what you would have been capable of and what your finished writing project would have looked like.

Take a deep breath and get stuck in!

Happy writing
Julie xx


suzy doodling said...

You're right Julie. I even hand wrote a letter to People's Friend the other day telling them which stories I liked best. Had another rejection the next day though. Still, will re-write and send out again. Talk soon.x

Maria said...

Excellent advice Julie, I make a 'goal' list every week, then plan when I can fit things in...

Struggling a bit this week as I've had a lot of problems with dental pain. As soon as it abates, I'll be getting my list sorted.

Good luck with your plans.

Julie P said...

It all counts, Suzy! Good luck with your rewrites.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Oooh, hope your teeth are better soon - mine are aching in sympathy now. Keep writing! Use the dental theme for inspiration.

Julie xx

Olivia Ryan said...

Well said, Julie. Even now I don't have a day-job, I seem to be just as busy! (Grandchildren ...what can I say?!). Sadly, the thing I most neglect when I'm busy is Blogger! You are far more efficient. But I do love reading your posts when I make my infrequent visits ... must do better! x

Julie P said...

Hi, Olivia -great to hear from you - you must enjoy your gorgeous granchildren - they won't be little for long! My Izzy is almost 8 - can't get over that!

I have to admit to scheduling some of my blog posts when I have time to write a couple to cover when I know I'm not going to be able to write them!

Have fun with those kiddies!

Julie xx