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Monday, 25 June 2012

If not now - when?

So, what are you waiting for? This is a question I have been asking myself a lot recently. Why am I hanging on to that short story that I 'finished' last week? Why haven't I edited draft two of the novel I started two years ago? Why I haven't I sent that pitch to the editor yet? Why do I ignore my to-do list? Why have I still not finished my Writers' Bureau course? There's a lot of whys there!

I'm lucky enough to have a certain level of self discipline and if I have a deadline for a commissioned article I will always get it done in plenty of time - no question. I am a writing business and it's not good business to not deliver the goods on time. I'm excellent if I know I have a deadline but I struggle when I haven't. Other things tend to take priority when they shouldn't. A lot of freelance writing is speculative, particularly in short stories - I write them but I have no guarantee that they will be published or that I will be paid for them. But with articles I have pitched and had commissioned I know there is a good chance they will be published and I already know how much money I will be paid when it's published. The incentive to complete the project is there.

So, what to do about the other stuff? Well, I know what kicks me into action: a deadline and the promise of publication and money so that's my big clue! Impose my own deadline with my own promise of a treat at the end of it. If I finish and sub the next assignment for the Writers' Bureau by the end of June I can treat myself to a new book or something writing related. If I pitch those articles and get one accepted I can use the money from that article to put towards my new computer.

I'm going to change those why nots into well dones! I hope that you will too.

Happy writing

Julie xx


ClaireLC said...

Great post Julie, I'm a procrastinator at the best of times with my writing but find a reward system and self-imposed deadline work best for me.
That and a swift kick up the rear end from time to time.

Julie P said...

Hi, Claire, thank you. At the moment my main reward that I'm working towards at the moment is saving up the cash I make for my writing to buy a new computer!! I agree with you on the kick up the rear end - always works wonders! Good luck