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Monday, 30 July 2012

Calling all writers' groups

I love writing groups! I belong to a fantastic one - Wrekin Writers -  and I know for sure that without their help and support I wouldn't have got so far with my writing. As some of you know I have a series on writing groups in Writers' News and I am seeking writing groups who'd like to be featured in my articles.

So, if you are a member of a writing group, or know someone who is, then send me a message here or on face book and I'll get back to you. I'm also interested in hearing from writing groups overseas too.

Thank you!

Julie xx


Nari said...

Great idea for articles :)
I read this and instantly thought of a lady I met last year at a local writing workshop. She was, at the time, part of a writer's circle that met locally. Unfortunately I can't meet with them as I am usually at work when they meet. However, I have contacted her and sent her the link to this post, as I thought they might wish to be involved. Hope this helps!
Nari X

Julie P said...

Hi, Nari

Thank you!

Julie xx

Mike said...

It's not all sweetness and light, unfortunately.
I met a writer (A)at Caerleon, who was in the process of falling out with the writer (B) who ran their writing group, holding the roles of secretary, chairman, treasurer, etc. and bossing folk about.
The conflict came to a head when (A) took action to defend me (she'd rather taken me under her wing) and (B) remonstrated with her and wouldn't let the matter rest. So (A) and (C) (did I mention C?) were going to leave that writers' group and start their own.
You may have noticed there are a few aliased writers causing discord among the FB writers' groups, too!

Julie P said...

Absolutely, Mike. One has to be careful to get into the right writing gtoup for you. I've no doubt that some of them have a load of problems that aren't conducive to creativity!

Some membrs take their personal vendettas and try to destroy those around them - each trying to make other members to take sides and they even take it outside of the group - as we well know!

As for aliased writers trying to cause trouble on facebook - let them get on with it as they won't be doing it anywhere near me! One has to wonder at their motives for doing so - as it certainly has nothing to do with writing.

If a writing group does what it says on the tin, ie, is supportive, creative, wants its members to succeed and is dedicated to writing and dismisses the petty issues that can undermine it, then that's the one to aim for!

Julie xx