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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Given half a chance .....

What are your writing dreams? I don't mean what you say to other people you want to you with your writing - I mean what do you secretly want to achieve with your writing? It doesn't matter how unrealistic you think those dreams are, it's important that you acknowledge them so that you can work towards your writing goals.

As writers we often sell ourselves short and if we can't admit to ourselves where we really want to take our writing then how can we even hope to begin to set ourselves on the road that might just lead us there? It doesn't matter if you feel silly admitting your true writing dreams - I'd rather feel silly and get a publishing deal rather than be afraid to admit that this is what I wanted and never having the confidence to at least try and achieve just that.

It takes courage to say what you really want from your writing career and it can be difficult to pin yourself down to what it is you actually want. But unless you want to spend your valuable writing time flitting between projects and getting none of them finished what you need is to 'fess up' and take control! What is is that you want to do with your writing? If you can get to the crux of the matter then your taking a positive step towards achieving your writing goal. You don't have to tell anyone else your real writing intentions, but you do need to tell yourself!

Spend a few minutes this weekend thinking about your real writing goals and start making a plan as how you are going to do it.

Happy planning and dreaming



Diane Fordham said...

I like this, thanks Julie. You've given me something to think about. It's so true what you said x

Julie P said...

Hi, Diane - thank you. Let's hope we can both get what we want from our writing.

Julie xx

Nari said...

Thanks, Julie. I think this is definitely what I need to do, as I seem to have lost my motivation recently. i say it's because I don;t have the time, but I could have if I put my mind to it.

Nari X

Julie P said...

I think everyone's motivation levels wane from time to time - I know mine do, lol! We have to get ourselves into that mindset of getting on with it - but it is hard sometimes, Nari.

Good luck,
Julie xx