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Thursday, 6 September 2012

What do you want?

Well, we are a week into September. The kids are back at school which means I am too. A new term, a new class, a new beginning. And I don't mean just for the kids. September is an interesting time. It not only signals the end of the Summer holidays and a slide into a new season, but it also brings with it an effervescent spring of endless potential.

Why not make this September your new start when it comes to your writing. Make it the start of your new writing term - a new routine - a  greater resolve to get into a writing routine and stick at it. To write, edit and sub more than you've ever written, edited and subbed before.

- Change your goal posts - write something in a genre you've never been tempted to write in before.
- Write at a different time of the day.
- Write somewhere you've never written before, to give yourself a new perspective.
- Up the ante: challenge yourself to push your writing.
- Take the bull by the horns and shatter any misgivings you  have about your writing and potential.
- Stop talking and dreaming about it and get on with it - if you don't know how, then find out how.
- Stop making excuses - if you really want to be a published writer you will find the time and you will write.

I'm setting this challenge to you (and myself.) Let's see, if we really buckle down to it, how much we can achieve with our writing from now until Christmas - yes folks it's only round the corner now and will be upon us before we know it!

Let us know how you get on!



Carole Anne Carr said...

Like the new photograph, Julie. About four days ago I accepted that challenge to myself. I have to complete River Dark before the end of the autumn or give up entirely. Good luck with your own writing. Hope you have begun that story for them.

Julie P said...

Hi, Carole,

Thank you - I took the photo myself! It didn't come out too badly, lol!

I'm still on the short stories at the moment, Carole, but I do have some ideas for children's stories - I will have 26 eager children reminding me everyday to get it written!

Good luck with River Dark - the title alone sounds intriguing. We must meet up for coffee again soon, to celebrate when you've written it.

Julie xx