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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Keep Your Chin Up... There's always on-line Critiquing Groups!

Writing can be a lonely occupation. We sit behind our desks, tapping away at our computer keyboards, writing to our hearts content, working towards publication. But sometimes we seek communication and contact with other writers - people who will understand our writerly angst and to whom we can go to to celebrate with when our writing goes well or to chivvy us up when the third (or more) rejection on the same day slaps us round the face. We also seek solace and advice in the form of on-line forums where we can just chat and have a laugh or have our writing critiqued and/or read others' work and try to do our best to help them.

As a writer who has been published, I'm always keen to encourage, inspire and find friendship with other writers. When a fellow writer asks for my opinion on what they have written I am only too happy to do so. I am honest with my critiques and treat other writer's work as I would want my own to be treated, with fairness and some pointers on what I might do to improve it.

Now, critiquing writing is never an exact science. A lot of it comes down to personal taste and you can never guarantee that a writer will get the piece of writing you've critiqued published! That's the fickle nature of publishing - and what I like will probably be completely different to what an editor wants. All you can do is keep your chin up and keep writing, keep subbing, and, if you can get some constructive advice from a fellow writer along the way then so much the better!

There are a lot of on-line writing critiquing groups out there and I think it is not only possible but also advisable to join at least two or three - this way you get  a more wider audience for your work and a wider circle of experienced writers to draw from. I also think that such on-line critiquing forums can co-exist quite comfortably as their dynamics will be different with different members having different skills and preferences.

Most of the groups I've encountered seem pretty friendly and offer good constructive criticism that have helped me sort my short stories out, but I am aware of other groups that aren't so good, so you do need to be wary and make the right choice for you. Some of the groups are not for the faint hearted!

As always, the more you put into such a group, the more you will get out of it. And even if you can't always post your own work for scrutiny, the least you can do is make constructive comments on those pieces of work that are posted. We are all busy people and I know the people running such forums understand that it's not always possible to post your own work but I'm sure they are appreciative of any input you give.

So, have a look at these forums and try them out until you find one that suits. If anyone has any favourite on-line writing critiquing groups they'd like to trumpet then let me know and I'll put a link on here to them.

Happy writing

Julie xx

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