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Monday, 29 October 2012

Project NaNo is GO!

I first started indulging in the madness that is NaNoWriMo  three years ago. You write 50,000 words of a novel in the 30 days of November. Sounds crazy doesn't it. And believe me it is - yet I have done it three times now! So be warned, if you are considering doing it for the first time this year and before you click on the link to it above, think very carefully  - it is highly addictive. Once you've lost your NaNo virginity you will find it hard to say no!

This year I had planned to do it again. I have another novel idea in my head that I thought would lend itself well to the NaNo rush. But, I have resisted. What I am going to do for the 30 days of NaNo November is edit the very first NaNo book I wrote. I see little point in doing NaNo, expending all that writerly effort, yet doing nothing with the resulting quarter finished, quarter nonsense, quarter mishmashed, quarter spaghetti junction novel.

NaNo has its plus points  -  it certainly gets you writing, but the results can be am alarming jumble of words that need a lot of work to untangle and beat into shape. And this is the process I am going through now.

Day one is today   -  yes, I'm starting early, but I'm on half term and don't want to waste a second of the valuable extra writing time I've just gained! I bought an A3 pad of plain paper, an A3 zip folder, a variety of marker pens in different colours and post it notes and today I will be unravelling that first chapter. I will do a storyboard with words for each chapter (there are 25 of them!) with the characters' names and what they are doing in each scene/chapter so I can track them and pick up on any glaring inaccuracies or issues.

I intend to keep a diary on this process, here on this blog, so I can give you some tips on what's working and what isn't for me in the hope that it might help you if you're writing a novel for the first time too! It will be like the blind leading the blind! But if you have any helpful tips to pass on then do share them with us.

Happy editing

Julie xx


susanjanejones said...

Good luck Julie.

Wendy's Writing said...

I have been thinking about doing this but as the time has got closer, have decided to chicken out and carry on with the short stories instead - maybe next year!

Julie P said...

Thanks susan! I'm going to need a lot of luck - but mostly I'm going to need to do a lot of hard work on it ;0)

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Wendy,

NaNo is a big committment, but as long as you write something then that's can only be a good thing.

Good luck with your short stories.

Julie xx

Diane Perry said...

Good luck Julie, the editing process is just as hard as writing the book in the first place so you do have a massive job ahead but it will be worth it. Di x