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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Say That Again .....

This morning my husband asked me if I knew any big Russian hypnotists. Rather a strange request for so early on a Sunday morning, well, any  morning really you might think. It would have been if that was what he had actually said. What we had there was a classic case of the ears not transmitting to the brain what they heard! Or the brain, being half asleep, not interpreting and processing that information correctly - more commonly known as a brain fart - this is the current correct scientific terminology for it ;0)

What he actually said (when we had both stopped laughing, which took several minutes - we're a bit strange like that,) was, "Do you know any regression hypnotists?" Instantly, I had enough intriguing material for at least three short stories, a couple of articles and a novel! That's how my writer's brain works. Anything tragic, funny, bizarre, unusual - in fact life itself -  is good fodder for the creative writer - so anything that happens in the day or night is likely to be taken down and used as evidence at a later date - may that be a warning to anyone who sees me on a daily basis! They'll all be avoiding me from now on.

And then there are the over heard conversations! Some of these can be hilarious, some sad, some mysterious, some poignant, but whatever the spirit they are uttered in there is sure to be a story or three to be got out of it. So open your ears and listen up - remembering, of course, to be discreet - you don't want to explain your actions to the police  -  ooh - now there's another story.......

Happy listening
Julie xx


Martin said...

Love this story, Julie. It gave me a good Sunday chuckle.

Jan Mader said...

That is so funny! What we "don't" hear makes for great material!!!

Friday morning I asked my daughter-in-law (I was babysitting for my grandson) to fix the straps in the car seat for me.
Next thing I knew she reached down the back of my shirt and was trying to adjust my bra straps. Needless to say, I was rolling!

Julie P said...

Hi, Martin

It still gives me the giggles now! Honestly - I'm always doing it!

Glad it made you laugh.
Julie xx

Julie P said...

It's so funny, Jan! What are we like?! I love the bra strap/car seat straps one!

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

Does a Russian Hypnotherapist hypnotise you by doing that funny dance when they crouch down and kick their legs out, with their arms folded?

Julie P said...

Who knows, Simon!

BADA said...

It's so funny!