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Thursday, 29 November 2012

500 posts and counting!

Tuesday was my 500th post on Julie's Quest! All that writing - all those words! Blimey, can you imagine what could be written instead of blog postings ?

Now this is worth celebrating something!

I dedicate this blog posting to my fellow writers who are still writing and who have stuck it out and not given up. For those of us who, despite the rejections, the self-doubt, the frustration of having our writing returned to us time after time after time after time  ......  are still here, treading the same long and winding, steep and slippery track, I say thank you for sharing these 500 posts with me and thank you for not giving up your own writing journey. It's nice to have so many wonderful people with me along the road. Here's to the next 500 miles!

Happy writing and may many words flow!
Julie xx


Wendy's Writing said...

I have posted just 39! (but then I did only start blogging in August). My blog has followed my progress from first sale so I hope I will keep up the blogging if only to give other new writers hope!

Olivia Ryan said...

Congratulations, Julie! That's an amazing number of posts, and they're always very interesting and positive. x

Paula R C Readman said...

I can't believe I've written 300 and there's you on 500. Good luck with your next 500, I shall be with you all the way, my dear friend :-)

Hopeful if your word/ number thingy will let me leave my comments if it believes I'm not a robot :-)

Mike said...

Well done, Julie. You're not just a serious writer, you're a serious blogger. Keep up the good work.

Christine said...

Thanks for all your inspiring posts, Julie. Congratulations on topping the 500.

Julie P said...

Thanks everyone - I do enjoy blogging!
Julie xx