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Monday, 24 December 2012

All I want for Christmas is ..........

Well, the big day is almost upon us. Hopefully, whatever you are doing over the Festive period, your preparations are done and you can put your feet up with a glass of mulled wine in one hand and a mince pie in the other and relax.

But while you are tucking into your Christmas dinner and waiting for the Queen's speech, spare a thought for your writing. What Christmas gift will you give your writing this year? What is it that you need or what do you need to do in order to take your writing career forward?

Thinking about what you can give yourself to make your writing life easier can give you the push you need to make it happen. It doesn't have to be expensive: more time, a corner of a room to create your own writing room, some new pens and notebooks - whatever you can give yourself to help you realise your writing dreams and make them a reality.

This is my last post for 2012 so have a happy Christmas and I'll see you in the New Year!
Julie xx



Wendy's Writing said...

Happy Christmas, Julie

sallyjenkins said...

Hope you had a good one, Julie. There are lots of things I'd like to give myself to make my writing life easier - Arvon holiday, more time, new notebooks Etc Etc. But I think the most effective might be to treat my writing more seriously - because if I don't, who will?

Julie P said...

I hope you had a good one, Wendy.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

That will be a great gift, Sally! Good luck with your writing.

Julie xx