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Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Silly Season

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is just around the corner. Oh yes, it's that time of year where everything seems to be turned upside down and routines fly out of the window. What with presents to buy and wrap, people to visit, mince pies and Christmas cake to bake, children to be deposited to various parties and halls to be decked, it can be easy to let your writing slide.

And slide it must. It's no good fighting against that wide, white rapid river ride that is the festive period where everything seems to close down and time speeds up. If you can manage to squeeze in a few minutes of writing time then great. If you can't, just let it go and enjoy the festive season. Remember, you don't have to be physically writing lots of words to qualify as writing: a quick idea noted down can be used later - photos taken can be used for inspiration when things calm down.

Luckily for me I get a couple of weeks off work for Christmas so I will have more time than usual to catch up on my writing projects as well as being able to find time and relax with my family - who are, sometimes, neglected when I am writing!

Any writing is better than no writing at all - so keep your notebook and pen and camera handy and store up those ideas to keep you going in 2013

Happy writing

Julie xx

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