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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Get snapping!

I had some good news via an e-mail yesterday. I have been busy taking photographs and sending them in to various magazines. I've gone for the 'tips' and funny photograph pages of Take A Break, Chat, That's Life, Prima, Essentials and Pick Me Up. The editor of That's Life has accepted one of the photos sent out and it's going to be their picture of the week in their 31st Jan Issue  -   My first 'sale' of this year! Now, it may only be a small victory, but it is a paying one. And these small victories can soon add up.

I find that ideas for tips and funny photos come to me from the strangest of places as well! I've had several from walking around supermarkets and other shops, some come to me in my own house when I'm doing the housework or cooking - they are often the best ones. Oh! I say to myself - that would be a good tip or photo and caption to send in!

When possible, I stop what I'm doing and photograph whatever it is straight away. I might not send it to the editor there and then, but at least I've built up a good stock of such photos and tips to send out when I'm ready.

Word of caution: don't send the same tip or photo out to different magazines at the same time - the editors don't like it and if an eagle eyed (or possibly jealous reader who is annoyed that you got your tip in and they didn't) will tell the editor they've seen the same tip/photo from the same person in another (rival) magazine. So this is definitely a no no.

I keep a record of all the tips and photos I've sent out and to where, so if I don't hear anything within a couple if months I can send it out to another magazine. It's good to keep a  stock of these photos and tips for rainy days when sales of your short stories or articles aren't so good. Whack a few of your photos and tips out to magazines and it really cheers you up and motivates you to write more. Getting one published doubles that euphoria!

There are lots of magazines that take this sort of thing so you should never run out of  markets for your tips, photos and letters. You could do them all on a rota system so the editors don't get fatigued by your constant barrage!

So get snapping, tipping and emailing them in - you could be on to a nice little earner.
Happy writing
Julie xx

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Anonymous said...

Well done on your first sale of the year, Julie - many more to come, I hope. Given that you mention not sending the same letter/photo out to different mags I wonder if you could answer the following question for me. Would you know if it's ok to submit a story to a UK mag and Australian That's Life at the same time if the UK mag doesn't stipulate a 'rights' period. I know That's Life only buy Australian and New Zealand Rights and although some magazines here stipulate that they hold the rights for a story for eighteen months I still don't know of the etiquette of sending the same story where the UK mag has not stipulated that they want exclusive rights for a period. Also how long after being published in TAB would you consider submitting the same story to that's Life Australia? I understand that like me you may not know the answer to this so no worries if you don't. Good wishes KH

All good wishes Kath